I'm an Auntie again :) UPDATE

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I'm an Auntie again :) UPDATE

My SIL was induced yesterday. They started pit in the morning, it was pretty slow going until around 5 pm when her water broke and she got the epidural. Then baby girl was born right away!

Harper Rose weighs 4 lbs 6 oz. She spent the night in neonatal, but is breathing on her own and both mom and baby seem to be doing fine! Haven't seen her yet (our hospital has new visiting policies - only grandparents and siblings allowed) but from the tiny little picture I can see on my SIL's Blackberry Messenger profile, she looks darling! They got to hold her for a bit last night, and they are hoping to be able to BF this morning.

Now I am just sitting here jealous......my SIL wasn't due until December 1st :rolleyes: and selfish me just wants a baby to hold instead of this enormous belly!

December has had a few babies already! What about MEEEEE????????

OK, selfish rant over.


Little Harper is still in the NICU but doing very well! She is almost ready to come off the IV and breastfeeds from mom very well. Her weight is up to 4 lbs 15 oz! They hope to be home before too long.

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Congrats to you and your SIL!! Four pounds must be so tiny!!! You deserve to be frustrated!! I think you have been baking him long enough!

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Aww yay now too bad you weren't both at the hospital together! Smile

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CONGRATS!!!! I am SO glad to hear this. I am not Due until Dec 9th, but my baby is weighing in very small, too. I have an u/s nest Tuesday to see if she has grown any. She was in the 7%ile last week (at just under 4 pounds)! It is reassuring to hear that things can go well!

You feelings are totally understandable! One of my big fears has always been going overdue. Don't worry, your day will come, and it will all be worth it!

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Hang in there! You time is coming. You will NOT be pregnant forever.

It's great to hear your niece is doing well. tiny little thing.

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Lol I was just thinking about you this morning and the fact that some of the December girls have already had their babies! I kept thinking, this just isn't fair! I'm dilated 4CM and still no baby!!! But you have two weeks on me!! Anyway, I'm glad that your little niece is doing well and don't you worry, that baby will come any day!

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Updated Smile

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Congratulations on becoming an aunt again! Sounds like baby girl is doing well. What a blessing!

I hope you have your baby soon. Sending water breaking vibes to you!

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Good news on the weight gain and going home soon! Biggrin