Immune system? What immune system?

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Immune system? What immune system?

Since my child has been born I have had a stomach virus, throat virus causing blisters in my throat, cellulitis in my toe, and now severe cold with a bad cough. My immune system is MIA! I NEVER get sick. I've been exposed to every germ in the world in the 6 years I've been a nurse (2 of those years were in peds!). I'm drinking plenty of OJ and still taking my vitamins but dang...I can't get well and stay well.

Anyone else suffering with me?

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YUCK! Poor you. I managed to escape both flu and colds when they went through my house, and I counted myself lucky. Unfortunately then I got a bladder infection Sad If it's not one thing it's another!

Feel better soon!

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Sorry you have been so sick Sad

I have been fine up until now, I am now just starting to catch a cold that has been going around my house Sad I really hope it doesn't last long and that it doesn't get to bad.

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Is this why I always have a sinus headache? or is it Michigan winters? Either way I am sorry you are catching everything these days, I bet it's from exhaustion?

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Ugh so sorry! I know my sister gets sick when she has a lack of sleep - for whatever reason if she doesn't get good consistent sleep she's perpetually sick.....maybe you're the same? I have been pretty lucky but my boys have had chronic colds.....I can't wait for SPRING!

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Jen I'm so sorry that you're going through all of this! Thankfully (knock on wood) I haven't had any issues health wise. I too hardly ever get sick... and even when I do I'm still at work since I'm commission only and don't want to miss out on my money lol...

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Ick, I'm sorry. I hope your immune system picks up soon!

I've been pretty healthy since having Laszlo...I remember my nutty acupuncturist talking to me about how my immune system would be down for up to two years after childbirth, though. He said the Chinese medicine theory is that childbirth is the biggest loss of energy and fluid a person can endure, and to make sure and eat lots of egg yolks and broth. LOL.