Independant Baby Registry

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Independant Baby Registry

I had been looking for a means to create an independant baby registry. I was specifically interested in advertising my need for family/friends to "sponsor" weeks of the cloth diaper delivery service I'll be utilizing for the first couple months.

You guys should definitely check out !!! I found it really easy to use - almost too easy to use and I'm SO glad I can compile needs and wants from Target/Etsy/Amazon in one place!

I discovered this via another fave website - offbeat mama which some of you may want to check out. I especially love some of their homebirth stories (and photos of other pregnant ladies with tattoos!) which you can find via the archives.

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Nice, I'll have to check this out!

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Have fun making a list Jasmine! Glad something like that exists for you!
As for me, I will be buying new clothes, but used gear ( what I need).