To Induce or Not to Induce

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To Induce or Not to Induce

Hi all:

I would love some advice. I'm 39 weeks and my doctor just called me today and said she thinks I should be induced tomorrow or the next day. The reason for this is because my pregnancy has had some issues this time around. I have a persistent UTI that won't clear unless I take medications that are stronger than what's recommended during pregnancy. I had a kidney infection (as a result of the UTI), and about a week and a half ago, there were persistent decelerations that showed up during my fetal monitoring that caused her some concern.

I should also probably note that my first child was born at 36 weeks, and the family history of me and my husband show that babies have always been born at 38 weeks or earlier.

SO, with all that, the doctor called me and said that I need to scheduled something. And truthfully I'm really hesitant to follow her orders...

I really don't want to have a c-section if I can help it, and I read that the likelihood of this procedure is increased as a result of inducing. Also, I am inclined to let the baby come when he's ready to come... can inducing cause any long-term harm to him? Will it cause issues with breastfeeding if my body isn't allowed some of the natural triggers required?

I'm really nervous about the decision. Since my first child was early, I never had to weigh the options before. I want to do what's best for the baby, but right now, I really don't know what that is...

Please... I could use your advice as we make this decision. Thank you ladies.

Edit: one more thing. I'm 0% dilated as of Friday. Still have my mucus plug as well. Should inducing really even be an option if I'm showing no signs that he's ready?

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With your issues of UTI, kidney infection, and your baby having decels I would be more inclined to do what the doctor thinks is best. True, inductions come with the risk of a csection. You should talk to your doctor more in-depth about what your odds of having one would be. As far as in interfering with breastfeeding...once your placenta detaches your body knows that it is time to start milk production. So your milk will come in at the same time as if you went in labor on your own. I had that same concern about my induction and that is what my doctor told me. I don't think inductions should be done for nonmedical reasons but you have several things going on that should be strongly considered. Good luck.

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Ditto to what Jenni said. Though I think each doc and patient should make their own decisions personally I wouldn't put myself through an induction for a non-medical reason. But your reasons appear to be totally medical to me. YOUR health is very important and you're going to only need it to be better when you're caring for a new baby. And then the decels. I'd talk about my concerns with my doc in depth but I wouldn't rule out an induction. Plus many of the complications they discuss with babies are pre-39 weeks so you're at 39 which I think should play even more in your favor. I'm all for waiting it out personally if my health and the baby's health is good but when that isn't the case I'm also all for listening to the medical professionals Smile Good luck!

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Induction at 39 weeks is perfectly safe. I was induced at this same time frame with my last two babies, and they were perfectly healthy. They have to tell you that inductions may cause need for a c-section, but IMO it's rare. As long as your body responds to the induction you should be just fine, especially since you're a BTDT mom already. I would be more concerned with getting the baby out at this point... even if it does end up going the c-section route. I say go for it. Baby is fully formed at this point... all he's doing is gaining weight! Good luck with your decision.

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I was induced with two of my kids. I had vaginal deliveries. My labors were 8 hours each and I was only 1 cm at the start. They only gave me pitocin. I would do it again if the need came. Good luck with your decision.

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you have complications. you're 39 weeks already. i say just induce. my guy was induced at 38 weeks and i had a vaginal delivery. i mean, yeah, getting induced probably isn't optimal if it's not what you want but it sounds like you need to be on some heavy duty meds to get your UTI and kidney infection cleared up. i say go ahead and do it. 39 weeks is fully baked. get yourself the relief you deserve!

keep us posted and good luck! oh...and send pics!

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I'm a lurker-- but just wanted to say that were I in your shoes-- I would not induce.

"A few decels" that concerned her? What does that even mean? If they were worried about your baby then they would have done something at that moment-- all babies go through periods of decelerations and accelerations-- totally normal.

Do you have a persistent UTI right now? It is not going away? I would ask your doctoer what difference will one week make?

Simply inducing ups your chances of a c-section to 50%-- so you are right to be concerned. And while your body will produce milk, babies who come early have a more difficult time latching on and expressing milk efficiently.

If you aren't comfy declining totally-- meet her halfway. Agree to a gentle induction. Maybe a balloon catheter and some pitocin-- but insist that they leave your water intact. If you don't dilate and make good progress, you can always call it quits and try another day.

I would want to know what your doc believes are the real risks to you and to baby. Honestly, it sounds like she's trying to avoid a holiday baby....JMHO....and I will admit to being a bit cynical about OB's and their timing of births.

Good luck with your decision!

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it sounds like she's trying to avoid a holiday baby

If they were worried about your baby then they would have done something at that moment

and not waited a week and a half to make a phone call to you on Sunday.

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I know plenty of women who were induced and delivered vaginally. (Mostly with Pitocin, I think). Are you uncomfortable or in pain? How severe are the infections, is there a risk of permenant dammage to your organs? How high of a fever are you running with the infections? I assume the baby is not indanger (otherwise they would have acted before now)?

If you are not sure, take a few days to consider it. With Turkey day coming up, you deserve a relaxing holiday!

If it were me, I think I would wait a littel longer and see. Maybe order some Eggplant Parm from that place in GA... Walk a half marathon.... And all that other stuff! LOL!

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Thanks for the advice ladies. Here's the update. I talked to my doctor and she said that if I'm very uncomfortable with making the decision right now, I can continue with the monitoring and testing and we can make the decision as we get closer to the due date. The UTI isn't causing any more of a concern than the fact that we don't want any bacteria to affect the baby's environment once my water breaks or I lose my mucous plug. Right now, its just causing discomfort mainly. Anyway, I go for more testing and monitoring tomorrow, so I'll update you all then.

At first I was thinking this was about Thanksgiving, but now that we're talking induction on Wednesday or Thursday, it makes me think that my doctor just wants us to be healthy.

So, the decision is on hold for now. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks!