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Induction Date

I finally agreed to my doctor to have an induction if I don't go into labor on my own at 39 weeks. The reason for the induction is, I have very fast labors (fifth baby) and transitioned last time from 6 to 10 under 2 min. The baby was out with just under 6 min of pushing. The problem is, I walk around at 5 cm at the end of the pregnancy, so it leaves very little time to do much or get to the hospital. I've already started to dialate and efface back at 23 weeks, and although I don't know what I am now, it's following the pattern of my other pregnancies. That being said, I don't have my babies early, I just have really fast deliveries Smile

So my induction date is looking to be Nov 18th, just two days away from my due date. The doctor keeps saying he doesn't know if I'll make it that far, I sure hope I do. Anything starting end of October, they won't stop.

The problem is, if I go into labor before my planned induction date, I have little help and I'm in nursing school. It throws off my whole semster. If we reach the induction date, I'll have lots of help and support. *sigh*. I'm so praying this little guy stays in, as long as he's doing good in there (God's will first, I know, but I just want to be ready)..

Also I've found a doula! YEAH! She's super nice and she's going on my hospital tour next week. The rest of the month is filled with nursing school and drs appointments, either prenatal or pediatric for the children. I guess I'm 7 weeks away from being fullterm and need to be ready (for the most part) by then, and then those last two weeks, sleeeeeeeep to prevent labor. Haha.

Oh yeah..btw: He went headdown! Yahoo Now if he just stays put and I pass the GBS at 36 weeks, we'll be ready to rock!

Anyway how is everyone else's plans going?

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Great news! That's so exciting to have a date set (sort of!)!! I dialate quite a bit in the last few weeks as well... with my second baby I was at 5 CM at my OB appt at 39 weeks 2 days, and I never even felt one contraction! I'm hoping that this baby comes fast as well (with DD I only pushed for about four minutes and out she came!)... as long as I can make it to the hospital lol! Good luck, I hope baby stays in there until your schedule frees up!!

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Nice to have a final date! I'm jealous of you guys with your dilation and effacement by the end of pregnancy! The most I have ever been (before labour) is 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced, and that was at my 41 week appt with DS! At my 40 week I was closed and hard.

I'm also jealous of the fast labour and pushing! With DD I laboured for 23 hours and pushed for 2 hours, and with DS I laboured for 10 hours and pushed for 50 minutes. Here's hoping it gets faster this 3rd time around!

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Yay for a date....or a last possible date Smile

I wonder how #2 will go. I was 40 w 3 d when I had Evan and contractions started around 11pm and he was born at 2pm the next day. I pushed for around 40 minutes which wasn't too bad. I thought my due date for Evan was dead on for 40 weeks I think my DD this time is a few days later than it actually is. We will see....I really don't want to be at the hospital on Thanksgiving....

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I really hope this little one sticks with the plan. It will be so much easier to have the help. Good luck and congrats on a date.

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Nice to have a no later than date! Praying he stays put until you're ready.

Your labors sound like mine except I don't dilate much until labor actually starts but I go 6-10 in minimal time. So we are a little worried to have the baby in the car or at home!

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I'm praying that baby stays in until the 18th. I know how hard nursing school is! I really really hope things go according to plan for you.