Induction Postponed

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Induction Postponed

So now I am 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant and as of my appointment tuesday was supposed to have an induction Friday, byt I did not hear back from the office scheduler, and I guess I wasn't too anxious to follow-up...
Finally late this am I called and called again this afternoon and finally at almost 6 pm they call to tell me I cannot be induced until Monday night with cervidil and Pitocen Tuesday am.
I am so annoyed with the office staff and myself too!
I really do not want to wait that long and I wish my body would just cooperate...blegh!!!
That's all :rolleyes:

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When they post phoned my induction it felt like the end of the world. Sending big hugs out to you!!

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That stinks. I hope you go on your own before Monday.

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I am so sorry! That is totally unprofessional of them! I would be mad too!
Honestly, ever since they scheduled my inductions, I have been so much calmer. I hope your body just goes into labor on its own over the weekend!

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yeh... the Drs are pretty good but some of the staff do not follow-through.
Now, I bet they will call and insist I come in for an NST today and ultrasound. The only problem is that my SO's VW has a curse on it apparently. It has broken down last night AGAIN!

This has happened about 8 or 9 times in the last 4 months, no exaggeration. Each time with something mysterious or something new, this time it is the alternator maybe.

So, now he is driving my car and as is the nature of his job, it is impossible for him to help me out unless I am actually in labor. And I have no one to watch DD or take me to Drs...grr.
I had some contractions on rising today but nothing that is continuous.

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I'm so sorry you're induction was moved!! I can't imagine how frustrating that would be! Are you doing all of the other "home remedies" to make your body go into labor? Sex, spicy food, a nice long walk? It's worth a shot!

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I'm sorry! I understand - I'm a day less due than you, but these last couple days have been among the psychologically toughest of my entire life. Hugs hugs hugs.

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Really hoping your body does it on your own so you dont have to wait. Good luck!

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Aww, I was really hoping for you to go into labour on your own sorry to see there's no progress showing. Hoping there is still that chance. Monday night is not so so far away anymore though! Hugs!