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I remember Asha posting a similar thing a couple of weeks back.

It's finally knocking on the doorstep, I was hoping it wouldn't make an appearance! Last night I didn't get to sleep til 2 am and even then I was waking up almost every hour!!

Guess my body is gearing me up for the sleepless nights huh :rolleyes:

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I'm wide awake between two and four every night *sigh* the worst is that in a few short weeks I'll be looking back at this sleep schedule with fondness!

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I was up last night until 3:30.....and 5:00 the night is frustrating and ridiculous. The nights that I can fall asleep at a "reasonable" 12 or 1, I am still up every 90 minutes or so having to pee or with a BH! Sigh....I guess it is preparation for all night feedings X2....

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I hear ya ladies ive been going to sleep around 3:30 or 4 then im back up every hour or so to pee change position or roll DH over cause he is snoring or moved to the middle of the bed lol. then im up at seven when DH gets ready for work and all sleep is lost ugh.
Dear Mr. Sandman where are you we need you please!!!

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Right there with you guys. I just can't sleep. Although I did get a 3 hour nap in yesterday and it was great!! Will have to try to do more like that...unfortunately don't think my schedule will allow it daily. And this little girl loves to party in the middle of the night so that does not help. I am hoping that changes pretty quickly when she is born...but at least I have someone to spend time with and talk to in the middle of the night. What did mommies to be do before the internet?

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I fell into bed around 9PM last night and didn't fall asleep until after midnight! I have to admit, though, mine is due to two things: First, my sciatic is killing me, and no matter which way I lay it hurts so much... and second, (warning, graphic talk ahead!) I'm super h*rny... all the time!!! I swear it's been four days since DH and I DTD and it's all I can think about! I got so peed off last night because he watched TV next to me for three hours until he cut off the TV and he rolled right over and went to sleep (did I mention I was buck naked??!!)!!! So of course I woke up not only completely sexually frustrated, but hurt that he didn't want to fool around last night... even after I hinted at it! It's just not fair! Why is it whenever he wants it he gets it (because I'm always in the mood!) but when I do he's just too tired??? He doesn't know tired!! Try carrying around a baby for months on end!!! *deep breath* OK, I'm ok now, just had to get that off of my chest lol...