Instead of packing for disneyland

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Instead of packing for disneyland

I'm in the hospital hoping nothings wrong with me. I have intense painful cramping but am not having contractions. Could be an intestinal infection, kidney stones or anything else. I'm waiting for an trasound and test results. Positive thoughts appreciated!!

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Hope everything is alright.

Keep us posted.

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OMG so sorry to hear this, hope they figure it out quick and get you relief right away. Sending you tonnes of positive good-health vibes :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes: :vibes:

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The diagnostic is a torn ligament in my abdomen. I can still go on vacation but no lifting and I have to take it easy. It hurts like the dickens but I'm glad that's all it is!!

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Wow, glad it's nothing too serious! Try to take it easy!!!!!!

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ouch! sounds painful. I hope that the pain is manageable. Have fun on vacation!

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:bigarmhug: Sending you big hugs! Sorry that you're in pain, but glad to know it's nothing too horrible!

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I am glad it was nothing serious!

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ouch! you poor thing. no lifting? yeah, ok, tell that to a mom of a little girl. riiiiight!

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It'll be hard not to lift her but we've Bern working on my not picking her up for a while. Kind of my training for her new sister plan. I'm still packing but Dusneyland might still be out, my sil is having an emergency birth at 33,5 weeks. I might be going directly there instead. To be continued...

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Oh wow, what a roller coaster! Torn ligament sounds painful- i hope it gets better soon!!

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:bigarmhug: glad u are ok take it easy

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Oh no!! Hope everything is okay and you feel better soon!

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I'm so glad it's 'just' a torn ligament. That must hurt like heck! Glad you can still get your vacation on, sounds like fine time to rest up. Lift nothing heavier than an ice cold drink.

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I am glad it was nothing to serious...but ouch! that does sound painful. Take care!