It's Been forever since I posted

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It's Been forever since I posted

Hello Ladies, I came back to update about my lil girl. Most might not even remember me, and I feel bad cause while I was trying to conceived this site was such comfort. I spend many hours on here, learned alot. Alot of people did not understand my struggle because everyone I knew did not have problems conceiving. So I turned to you ladies who was such a support. It's been 8 months since I had my lil girl on Halloween, I'm posting in November because her due date was the 2nd and this is where I saved my space. Just was checking in and wanted to update, (if any remember me:) Will update with Pics of Lil miss Alexandria Raye born 10/31/2011 at 9:57pm weight 9pds 5 ounces. Hope all you ladies are well and your lil ones.

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Nice to "see" you! We'd love to see pictures!

It is vvveeerrrryyyy slow around here. But thanks for popping in!

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Thanks for checking in! I echo Sandra and say that it has slowed down a lot around here and we LOVE pics! Glad you are doing well.