It's a...... (and a long update too)

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It's a...... (and a long update too)


I am in shock. I honestly felt I was having a girl.. but nope, definately a boy in there! haha. My ultrasound today had to be completed at the hospital, due to the placenta previa, and great news is that it has moved up!! But.... I am low on amniotic fluid. So now I am definately a "high risk" pregnancy, and am just waiting for the radiologist to get in touch with my midwife. I have already texted her and she's called me. Originally they wanted me to go right upstairs to Obstetrics, but, they can't really do anything since I'm only 19w4d. So.. now my midwife has to refer me to a specialist hospital about 40 mins away, and I can guarantee that I am going to be put on strict bed rest. Which I honestly have no clue how I'm going to to, with a 2yr old and 4yr old.. and we are moving soon too! Ugh. This is the most complicated pregnancy I've had so far. But.. praise God there seems to be a healthy baby in there! Smile Now that I think about it, I could be losing amniotic fluid, TMI here: because sometimes my underwear gets wet, but I just shrugged it off as the whole sometimes you pee a bit when you're pregnant.. haha. We will see!
I am still in shock its not a girl. The baby was also spine up, so it was hard for the tech to get a good view of his heart, so I will probably be having another u/s in a week or so, to check that.... please pray for me that I will regain the amniotic fluid needed, and that my pregnancy will go well!
As for the kidney stones, I had another stone attack last Thursday, but it only lasted 10mins, so I didn't bother to go into ER. I also will have to have another u/s to check on those.. fun fun!
Thanks for listening!!!

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Congratulations to you and your baby boy! I'm sorry you are having so many things going on right now. Take it easy and keep baking that baby!

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Boys are a riot! He and your 2 year old will be buddies.

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Congrats on your baby boy. Great news on the previa but sorry about the fluid! Hopefully it all works out!

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Congratulations on a baby boy! Boys are great fun.

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Congrats on your son Julie!!! Any names? i am sorry that there seems to be a problem with low fluids... I hope that it's just a fluke.
Keep us posted, ok?

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Glad you have a healthy boy in there! Sorry to hear about the amniotic fluid being low. Were they able to tell that from the ultrasound?

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That's a lot of ups and downs! Congratulations on the good stuff!

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Congrats on your boy! Do you need more u/s now to keep a watch on the fluid level?

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Congratulations on your lil Boy! That is awesome news. Glad the previa seems to be righting itself & I hope the fluids will also sort themselves out by your follow up u/s. Bedrest would so not be fun!

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Congrats on the little boy!!! I hope your fluid levels go up and you do not end up on bed rest!! Keep us updated!

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Congrats on a healthy baby boy in there! I know how frustrating it must be to be put on bed rest when you have other little ones running around!

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Thanks! I am very excited that we are having another little boy! Yesterday I went to Gymboree and bought my son (2yrs old) and the baby matching outfits for next summer! They are going to be so cute! I got them little sleeveless tshirts and matching basketball shorts, I got a total of 14 items for $50. I love a good deal! Smile
Yes, they could tell the low fluid levels from u/s. Normally the tech is not allowed to tell you anything, but this one was very informative. I will have either weekly/bi-weekly u/s now to check the levels. Sounds annoying, but I always love seeing the baby on u/s! I am waiting for my referral to the specialist hospital, so we will see. I will def. keep you all posted.
Thanks for your kind words! Smile