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How did your appointment go today? I hope all turned out well for you - I know you were hoping to return to work for at least another two weeks.

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Posts: 1407 isn't good news. Bp today 142/102 and protein in urine. I turned in my 24 hour urine jug today and had blood drawn to check kidney function. I will get results tomorrow. I'm on bedrest now and probably until I deliver. Next follow up is Friday. I'm getting an ultrasound that day. I assume it is to check Carter to see if he is growing properly and could be delivered.

My wish for a natural birth are pretty much out the window since pain makes bp shoot up. I may even have to have a Csection. Does anyone know which is the delivery method of choice for pre-e?

I'm really bummed out right now and scared that there are things happening in my body that I can't control and the possible kidney damage and the potential dangers to my baby. I'm scared.

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Thanks for the update.

I'm really sorry that things didn't go as well as hoped. I can't fully understand or empathize with your situation. But I do know the frustrating feeling of "this isn't what I've been planning and working toward for 9 months and it just isn't fair!" from my positive GBS test results last week.

I know when we're holding our healthy, strapping little boys everything else will pale in comparison. I hope you are able to draw a lot of family support right now and focus on taking care of yourself.

I just did a little quick research on pre-e and delivery methods. Looks like vaginal deliveries are generally a first choice, as conventional wisdom prescribes the quickest possible healing process (to avoid any more stress on a poor Mama's body). Fingers crossed for you and please let us know results tomorrow/Friday!

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Sad Not the news I was hoping to hear. I know you were hoping for a little more time at work for a little more money!

KUP on how things are going!

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Jen, I know that hearing any type of bad news if freightening, but I'm sure you and Carter will be just fine. Pre-e is very common in pregnancy, just like GD, and as long as it's controlled, you can still have that perfect vaginal delivery you've been wanting. They will give you meds in the hospital to control your BP, and just monitor you closely the whole way. Sending T&P your way... and again, I'm sure you'll be just fine!!

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(((hugs))) I am sorry. I was really hoping it was not pre-e. And I am sorry about the bedrest...I know how hard that can be. For me last PG when I had pre-e I had no choice but to do c-section but I am pretty sure it was for the babies as it was at 26 weeks and they did not think DS could survive vaginal delivery. I too was really worried about my kidneys but everything went back to normal fairly quick after delivery. I wish I could help with you being scared. The good news is with you being so far along Carter will be fine...they will deliver him before they let him struggle. Please post, vent, share....whatever you need whenever you want. The one thing we can do is be here. Take care!!

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Oh Jenni, I was really hoping to see a better update Hon! Big hugs. keep us posted too.

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I'm so sorry to hear this Sad it will all be ok. He's well developed and you are almost full term. It might not go as you'd hoped, but when you hold him it honestly won't matter anymore.

*big hugs*

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So far no call from my doctor's office. I hope I hear something today. Carter isn't moving like he normally does. He seems quiet. He was like that Thursday-Saturday but then he perked up on Sunday and was back to his normal punches and rolls. I still feel movement but not what I'm use to from him. I try not to worry and I don't want to run to L&D or call my doctor everytime I'm paranoid. I ate a chocolate cupcake a few minutes ago and now I feel him having the hiccups!

Thanks for all the support, ladies. I wasn't planning on complications but I know that things don't always go according to plan. I am more than ready to let go of my wish for a natural birth without drugs and will agree to an induction or c-section to get my baby delivered safely.

I'm a little tearful because I'm worried. I've always been in perfect health my whole life. This just flat out sucks! Not to mention we needed the $$$ from me working and then there's the added stress of my car wreck. When it rains it pours.

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Jenni--if you want to pm me you can...I had pretty much the same experience...ended up with pregnancy induced hypertension that didn't work into pre-e till my due date (or the couple days before, in between check ups). I had an induction, and probably would have ended up with a vaginal birth, except Jack was STUCK in my ribs, he was so tall. (the doctors had to tug him to get him unstuck-his little butt was wedged in my ribs so tight).
You CAN do a vaginal birth in the hospital with pre-e, in fact, I think most doctors would prefer to have that rather than go directly to a c/s. You may end up with an induction, but I know many many women who have been induced for various reasons, who go on to have a pain medication free childbirth. And if you do end up needing a pain medication, please don't feel like a failure. And please, don't feel like a failure at birthing a baby if you do end up with a c/s. I personally struggled with those feelings after Jack was born, and its very difficult, especially after you have mentally prepared yourself for the opposite experience.
*hugs* now get some rest, get your feet up, and try to relax.

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*lurk* I'm very sorry you're showing signs of pre-e.
I had it with my first pregnancy and was induced, even though I was a bit further along than you. One thing I wish I had asked and didn't was "What are the chances of this induction being successful". I wish I would have known my bishops score, I wish I would have known my baby's head was not in the best position for delivery. I just assumed since I was a little dilated (like 1.5) and 39 weeks it would be successful.

They didn't give me any extra medication in the hospital, just extra fluid after delivery (if this happens for you around the day you go home from the hospital you will be CRAZY swollen, don't be afraid. It's just the extra fluid). They had to monitor my BP every 15 minutes, so I was confined to bed. My hospital also has a policy where after you have cervidil placed you have to pretty much stay in bed for continual monitoring. (they did let me get up and go to the bathroom, and I did get a shower and to walk around for about 20 minutes). I didn't know that about the cervidil until I got there..I don't know that it would have changed anything for me, but another thing I wish I would have asked about. (I wasn't planning on a med free birth anyway).

I remember my daughter would go through phases of not moving much either. She was on the tiny side when she was born, and I do think it was partially from my blood pressure problems.

In the end I did end up with a c-section, but after I started laboring I ended up with other problems unrelated to the pre-e, even though my blood pressure reading was a contributing factor when deciding to have a c-section.

Also, to offer you some hope for future pregnancies, I haven't had one high blood pressure reading (even borderline high) with either my second or third pregnancies. So it isn't always guaranteed to return.

I hope you end up with a great delivery, and no further complications though. Smile

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Thanks for the advice girls. I have a list of questions for Friday when I see my doctor. The office called me about 20 minutes ago and told me that my blood and urine test all indicate pre-e. So I guess I'm officially diagnosed. Sad On a good note I am looking forward to seeing him on the ultrasound on Friday.

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Take it easy!!

I also want to echo my experience with being induced. I wasn't allowed up off the bed at all except to pee because the protocol was constant fetal monitoring. If I had asked my dr in advance (who was out if town for the birth) she could have signed off on a check every fifteen minutes instead with the fetal monitor. Ask what the protocol is for it because it's no fun to be more or less tied to a bed on your back!!

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Sorry to hear this Jenni, hang in there and rest up. I'll bet your Carter is doing just fine, he'll show you at the U/S on Friday :). I selfishly hope the bedrest means we'll see more of you! Wink