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Jenni Beth

Try upping your potassium. Since I've started eating a banana a day my legs cramps have completely stopped. It's worth a try!

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Increasing salt can help too!

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I've tried the banana thing. It doesn't help. I think thats because I'm not deficient in potassium. I'm pretty sure I am really really lacking in calcium. The only time I get the leg cramps is when I forget to drink milk that day. I also think that the calcium deficiency is what was causing the heart palpitations...because when I get enough milk I don't have them.

This is a total self diagnosis though..knowing what I know about hypocalcemia I think that it is probably correct. Smile

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When you do get them, try pointing your entire foot towards your face... it always takes mine away right away and stops them from turning into charlie horses!

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Jenni...I have been having the same issue, I had some in both legs when I was.sleeping two.nights ago my legs still hurt.!!

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I also do what Krystal does...I have only gotten them a couple times but as soon and I point my foot up they go away. Good luck!