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Jenni Beth

How are you doing?

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I'm doing pretty good! I feel fine and Carter is still having movement in his normal patterns. I didn't really get to fill everyone in on the insane details of my wreck...

The other lady was at fault. She was talking on her cell and cut across traffic to go to a gas station and I tried to slam on my breaks but I still hit her. My air bags didn't deploy, THANK GOD! I would have had a broken nose and maybe broken water too! I'm 5'3" so there is only so far back I can sit and still reach the pedals...haha.

So I pulled in at the gas station and there she sat..talking on the phone. I had gotten out of the car and was shaking and almost hyperventiliating. She sat there for a good 3-4 minutes without so much as a glance in my direction. During this time I called Matt and my mom and was about to call the police when she got out. Then when she saw me and my belly her eyes got big and she said "Oh my God! You're pregnant!" All I could to is nod because at this point I was crying and starting to have cramps. She said she had called the police and I said OK and got back in my car to wait. And wait. And wait.

We waited for AN HOUR at a VERY BUSY intersection from 4:30 to 5:30pm. After 40 minutes had passed I asked where were the police and ambulance?! She called the dispatch back and they said the police were on their way but no ambulance since the lady told them there were no injuries. I said "What do you mean NO AMBULANCE!? I have to go to the hospital to make sure my baby is ok!!!" So the lady handed me her phone and I talked to the dispatch. The dispatch person said "I thought there were no injuries." I said "I am fine but I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and I am going to the hospital to get checked out. How do you expect me to get there?! WALK!?" Then they told me to calm down (too late!) and an ambulance was on the way and was there in about 3 minutes.

Matt had arrived right around that time. The cop that was there said "Do you want to drive her car to the body shop or have it towed?" OMG. I went off. I said "He will NOT drive a WRECKED car 30 minutes to where we live! IT HAS TO BE TOWED!" The cop gave me a look as they were ushering me into the ambulance. I was so mad from waiting for so long..I was worried about my baby...I was hot...I was car was crunched in the front..I was actually on my way to work and was now missing getting paid for those hours...and I was having cramps. All these factors made me one very mean mama bear.

The EMT was very nice and calmed me down on the way to the hospital and I had stopped my crying by the time I got to the ER. I actually felt good and told the ER doc that I was not hurt, just wanted to make sure the baby was ok. He put the fetal doppler on my belly and when I heard Carter's heart beating away I burst into tears again, out of relief. It was insane. Then I went to L&D, got monitored for about an hour and a half, then was taken home.

So that is my experience. It was bad. Really bad. And I behaved like a psycho pregnant lady but oh well I guess. Sorry...I know you didn't ask me for all the details but I felt compelled to share my crappy day!

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Wow - I would have freaked out too!! We now have a law here about driving and talking on the should be that way everywhere. So happy you are doing OK.

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OMG what an idiot lady, I can't believe she didn't acknowledge you ! We too have a law against using cellphones while driving (text and calls).

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gosh i dont blame you! i would have went crazy on that lady, wouldnt have waited for her to get out of the car would have banged on her window lol!
so glad everything is ok

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OMG that is way worse than I thought! First, she caused the wreck and she didn't even get out of the car immediately to check on you? Then to wait an hour for the police is unbelievable. You did not act like a psycho- you acted righteously. You have been wronged so it is only fair that they got yelled at!

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When I got hit at 39 weeks I told the lady I'd have the damage evaluated and call her with the quote. It took me three weeks to get around to it because I had my daughter. She called me an fing c@&$ for waiting so long! Some people!!

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:bigarmhug: I'm so glad you're ok! I don't think you acted crazy either! I think I'd have been angry NOT prego! Adding in worry over baby I'd freak and I can't believe no one was more understanding! Try and relax!

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glad you are doing well.

I would have attacked the hormones are really bad these days!!!

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Yep I think given the circumstances you showed restraint! I would have probably got arrested for assault by the time the police got there. Seriously you still have no law against driving and cell use? So glad your airbags didn't go off though. So what happens now, and are they going to fix your car or write it off?

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Ugh, I am so glad you are doing well! What a nightmare.

When I totaled my car at 38 weeks pregnant in 2007, the cops didn't show up for over an hour either. My DH, FIL and MIL came to wait at the scene and they dropped me off at home to rest, because it was 40 degrees celsius outside (middle of July).The cop finally showed up nearly 2 hours later and was PISSED that i wasn't there. My MIL went off on him like crazy "She's 9 months pregnant! You want her to wait around in the sweltering heat 2 hours for your lazy butt!!!" LOL. FIL came and picked me up and brought me back to the crash. The cop was so rude and kept complaining that he hadn't had a cup of coffee yet today, he was so pissy.

You had every right to complain and be emotional! I'm glad things are OK.

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Yep, our state just started yesterday pulling people over for talking or texting. I can't believe the gall of that lady to continue to sit there like nothing happened!! Again, I'm just glad that you and baby are OK! And don't worry... you had every right to act like you did!

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I'm SO sorry! What a terrible experience.

Do you have a rental in the meantime?

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"sweetsriracha" wrote:

I'm SO sorry! What a terrible experience.

Do you have a rental in the meantime?

Yep...An giant Ford Explorer that I can barely climb into! :rolleyes: But at least I have transportation. Hopefully I'll find out tomorrow the status of my car.