Jumperoo Goo! Ewwww

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Jumperoo Goo! Ewwww

I have this model: http://www.parentsconnect.com/parenting-your-kids/activities/toys/good_1204574719480.html

Ever have those disappearing spit-ups? Ever think to yourself 'huh that's all, it looked like a lot more a second ago'

OMG I just undid the kangaroo noisemaker part and lifted it off to clean. Wish I'd done that a couple days ago!!! I'm just sayin', if you've got this model you'll realize why the blue button always sticks. :oops: The gagging mommy award goes toooo....

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EWWWW We have the same problem with the exersaucer. I take the toys off every couple days cause it can get gross under there.

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Ha ha ha I have the same one! Emerson usually pukes down his front and I have to keep taking the fabric out and washing it!

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I can only imagine how nasty that is. Ewwwwww. Bless your heart, Rae!