Just give up.

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Just give up.

I feel like the only one posting these days Wink but I know those of you with new babies are busy, and those of us still pregnant are too depressed to post much :confused: LOL!

1 week overdue for me today (by my OB's dates). I've pretty much hit that "wall" where I am now resigned to the fact that baby is NOT coming on his own, and won't be here until he is evicted on Friday. It is strangely both depressing and comforting. I can now spend the next 3 days cleaning my house and making sure everything is ready (even doing really ridiculous things like cutting my kids finger and toenails this morning! No one else will think to do it while I am in the hospital, and they were getting long! LOL.) I want to make sure all the laundry is caught up so that whoever is watching my kids (my mom or MIL) will have enough clean clothes for them to last 3-4 days.

After all this waiting, at least there is an end in sight. I highly doubt anything will happen in the next 3 days. All that's left is to call my OB's office on Thursday and say "I still have no baby! Send in my induction papers!" and I guess we'll be all set!

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Sorry you are feeling down about not having your baby boy come on his own... I hope the next few days go buy smoothly and quickly for you.

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i'm still pregnant with you. i had an OB appt today and there's been no change since last week. i'm happy about that because like i've said i'd like to have thanksgiving dinner with my family - my dad's one of 10 kids and it's always a nice time to get together with everyone! so, i just need to hold out for a couple more days. doc said that if i don't have the baby by the weekend he wants me to come in on monday for some monitoring. the practice doesn't let you go past 41 weeks.

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'Resolved' sounds fine, seems like you've got a good plan to put the next couple days to good use. Lol about cutting nails, I just did DD's I don't know how long it has been but likely 3 weeks, she could have severed someone's achilles just walking around with those toes. I thought DS was going to hang on till Friday though... Wink

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Aw, sorry you are feeling disappointed Sandra. I may be in the same boat as you next week. GL with the induction & hope everything goes well!

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I wish I was still pregnant! This little boy does not let me get any sleep. He's still on a every 2 hour feeding schedule and it is wearing me out so bad. I had to call my mom to come over today so I could sleep. He was up last night from midnight until 5am. Sometimes I wish I could put him back in my belly!

Sorry your baby doesn't want to come out, Sandra. You are making such a good home for him that he doesn't want to leave! At least you have an end in sight!

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Boo to not coming out! I'm not even at 40 weeks and feeling soooo ready to be done. I REALLLLLY wanted him out before Thanksgiving so he could come to dinner with us and meet my sister who is in town. I'm really bummed that he's not likely to make it Sad Oh well he'll come when he's ready.....

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cutting my kids finger/toe nails was on my to do list before I went to the hospital for baby Q Smile

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Sandra, I am sorry I can't be on here more. Nicholas is a bit of a grumpy insomniac, if you catch my drift... Exhausting...