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Just saying Hi :)

Since the board is so quiet, I thought I'd post Smile I can't believe we are going to have babies born on our board really soon! Wow. How is everyone else?

Things here are good but I'm a little under the weather today (woke up with a cold). My daughter decided to share it with me, haha. I'm slow moving, the older kids are at school and I sitting here with a heating pad on my sore muscles watching my 1 year old play with her toys. I have lots to do today, but I'm taking it easy right this second and listening to my body.

Other than that, I realized the scale says i gained 4 lbs over night!! I have been eating a lot the last five days, but not that much! lol. The hunger is sincere, I've just felt so very hungry. I also started to pick up things for my hospital bag and getting more ready. There are days where I feel, wow this baby is coming soon and then other days where I hope and pray I have until 40 weeks because of my busy schedule.

Anyway what's new with everyone else?

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Hi Biggrin

I sure hope you keep baking until 40 weeks too! I was in school last fall and this spring, and I can't imagine being in school this fall! What, are you superwoman?? Wink

My DD has her 2nd day of preschool today! She started on Tuesday. She loves it, but DS is not so thrilled to be left out! At least her school time is during his naptime, so he's sleeping while she's gone. But - he still has to come with me to pick her up and drop her off! Not so fun. I've tried both leaving him in the car and bringing him in - both result in tears!

My house is a disaster. I keep starting to get caught up, but never finish and always fall behind again. The master bedroom looks like.....I can't even describe it. Where is the floor?????

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I agree, I can't believe that everyone is now well into their third trimesters! And it's shocking to think of packing a bag for the hospital!! I think I'm all set for when I need to do that, aside from getting a really comfy nightgown to wear while I'm there (and for when baby is here to wear around the house of course!) and a few nursing bras!

I went out and color matched paint to the Pooh crib set for the nursery this past week, so over my weekend (which is Tuesday, Wednesday!) I'll be painting, then moving his furniture upstairs, and hanging pictures in Trystan's room. I can't wait to finish and take pics to share with you guys!

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