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Just a Vent!!

I am now 7 weeks 2 days, my partner and I have our first prenatal check up this thursday. Because of others informing him the doctor has some sort of ultra sound tool in his office,(something he hooks to his laptop) DH thinks he shouldnt have to attend the actual ultra sound.(april 18) WTH, i know! The ultrasound has to take place 6 hours south of where we live due to remote areas and limited facilities.

Has anyone else heard of any tool or program that is made availible in there office?

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Hi! I don't really understand... a tool so that he could see the ultrasound from a computer at his work, instead of attending the U/S?

If so, I've never really heard of that...

Does he not want to GO to the U/S is the problem? But you'd still have to go the 6 hours away? Is it just the dating U/S, or is it a full visit with your doc??

AFM, my SO didnt come with me to my first U/S with my son, because I didnt even really know I was getting one.. so I just showed him the pics after.. which was fine... But I think if we were seeing the baby for the first time I'd like him to come, plus if something were to not go as planned I'd like him to be there with me, so I wouldnt have to find out alone/drive home alone!!

Explain more about this "tool"!!!

And wow, thats a lonnng ways to go!! Do you have to go that far for each appt, or just for the U/S??

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I am one of those moms who insists dad should go to every appt he can.I am doing all the hard work it wouldnt hurt him to take the time to come sit with me if he isnt working.But yea ultrasounds are pretty important to me.So I would want him there even if it was a long drive.

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I haven't heard of being able to "stream" a live ultrasound? Although in this day and age everything is possible.

I would stress to DH that it is important to you that he comes along, He is your support person, you need him there! That is if you want him there of course.

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I dont know. My first pregnancy he came to see the nine week one and the 14 week one and then the 20 week one. After that I had many more, (they couldnt see the sex at 20 weeks so he wasnt there when I found out), and to be honest, I didnt really care. This time, I had one at 6 weeks , saw the baby for the first time and he wasnt there and it didnt matter. If he finds a new job (he got laid off last week), then he definitely wont be coming to the next ultrasounds and its fine with me.

If he doesnt feel he needs to be there, dont get mad at him. You have to understand thatthe information is important, not actually being physically present. He probalby sees it as a waste of time to travel for 14 hours or so for something you could just tell him. (this is indeed how the male mind can work!)

HOWEVER, if its important to you that he's there for MORAL SUPPORT, then thats a whole other situation. That becomes a discussion of how your relationship works, not about gathering information about the health of your baby, and has to be worked out between the two of you.

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YES they can stream ultrasounds! The place doing my 15 week does that. They emailed me some information and I email it to family members and they can log in and view my ultrasound while i'm getting it done.

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Wow - I have never heard of live streaming a u/s -amazing!! I think it is a personal decision for you and SO as to whether he is there. I used to insist on DH coming to everything and he wanted to. Now with us having a child with special needs DH has to take time off works to come to various appt with him so to keep adding that he has to come to all my appts just does not work. I did my 6 weeks u/s without DH and I missed him ( he missed being there too ) we did OK and it was the right thing for us. With only one of us working he needs to keep his job and with the number of appts etc I have it is not always possible for him to come. Just go with what works for the two of you!

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Thanks everyone!! We did have a doctors appt today. He explained it a little better this time which was a relief for the both of us. It is a mini u/s scanner He uses in his office. Mostly used for problems with kidneys ect. But can be used for a preg scan. I have rebooked for the 19th so we can both go!! Yay!! :).