Keiras birth story

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Keiras birth story


First off Congrats to all the new mommies out there. I have been lurking on my phone but have not been able to reply.

Keira is here and I can't believe that tomorrow she will already be 1 week old, crazy how time flies.

On November 23rd we went into the hospital at 6:00 am and got all ready for my c-section at 8:00am. The nurse who put my IV in had to end up redoing it and using my other arm. UGH did that hurt, it stung and was so painful I actually started to feel like I was going to be sick. Then when it was actually time to go in they had to do the spinal twice because the first time they didn't get it in properly Sad So that hurt. A LOT! They finally got Keira out and she was so tiny, I was really sure that she would be much bigger then her sister as I could feel her all over and much more forceful then Kay ever was. lol But they weighed her and surprisingly she weighed 6 pounds 14 ounces, the exact same as her sister although Keira was only 19 inches rather then 21 Smile

In recovery I was feeling really out of it and just off and that sucked but Rob was with me and he had Keira with him so it wasn't all bad. My milk didn't come in until the day after I got home so we had to supplement with some formula Sad I was kinda upset about that as my milk had come in so much faster with my other babies, but it's in now and man oh man am I engorged. I've pumped once and got 3 ounces from each side and I keep meaning to pump more often but I just don't seem to have the time.

Kay is adjusting slowly and as of right now she prefers her dad over me. Sad She is warming up but I'm still kinda sad about it.

Anyways Keira is starting to wake up so I'm just going to share some pictures and then I have to run. I wish I could reply to more threads and post more but I am still trying to heal and adjust to having 4 kids, 2 of which or 1 and a newborn.. Still trying to get the hang of it...

Still in the operating room

Being weighed

All bundled up in recovery

1 day old taken with my iPhone

Hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to hearing and seeing pictures of all the new babies:)

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Congratulations! She's beautiful!

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Congrats and thanks for sharing your story... she's adorable!!

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aw, beautiful! that last picture is just so adorable!!

thanks for sharing your story - i HATE getting IVs in and they never seem to get it on the first try!!

hope your recovery goes smoothly!

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aww adorable! Congrats! GL recovering and adjusting to the new routine!

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Congrats Samantha- she is absolutely gorgeous and so tiny!
As for Kay's reaction- all of my kids, that were the youngest when a new baby was born, had done the "pouting". She will adjust soon and in a few months she will play with her new sister. I bet they will always be friends!

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Congrats & tfs your story! She is gorgeous. Welcome to the World lil Keira!

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Congrats...she is a beauty!