kind of a milestone for me today (m/c mention)

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kind of a milestone for me today (m/c mention)

When I had my m/c last pregnancy, I started bleeding at around 7.5 weeks, and the loss was confirmed at 8 weeks with my hcg tests. Today I am 8 weeks, no bleeding, and feeling preggo (did not feel preggo last time). I am still a nervous wreck just not as much Smile Seeing the heartbeat at 5 weeks 3 days and making it this far with no issues gives me hope. I also feel really nauseous the last few days!! And bbs are more sore YAY!! I told DH I feel really feel like I will puke today and he said GREAT!!!!

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I totally get where you are coming from.
Beleive me!!
I think I'm at that stage too as my LO passed at 7 weeks on the first pregnancy and I found out at, last year actually.
So on Thursday I hope to be posting the same as you...and after Easter be posting even better news.

I'm so pleased that you've past your milestone.
Feels great huh?

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Congrats Robin on passing that milestone!!!
I guess I can say that I am happy that you are feeling pukey! Biggrin

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Yay! That is a great milestone, I am glad you can relax a bit now:)

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thanks ladies!

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Hooray! What a wonderful milestone to achieve. Those first few weeks must have been nerve racking. Time to relax and enjoy your pregnancy.

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I got alot of good sleep last night so I have more energy and more appetite today. I hope this little one sticks! Fingers crossed...

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I too completely understand what you mean. Congrats!!!

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Yahoo that is great news!!!!!!!!!!!