At L&D...had car wreck (update)

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At L&D...had car wreck (update)

I got in a wreck about 3 hours ago. A lady pulled out in front of me and I tried to stop but I hit her. I'm in L&D getting monitored. So far so good.

The monitors showed that I had 3 contractions in an hour but that's normal so no worries there. For Carter the monitor wasn't showing accelerations so they had me drink a lot of water and change positions. That perked him right up and he started kicking the monitor on my belly! The doctor said everything looks great and they let me go home. I feel better knowing that he's ok. I've had some crampy pains and my hips hurt but other than that all is well and he's still baking! My car is likely totaled but as long as my baby is ok I don't even care.

Thanks for all the kind words! You girls are the best!

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I'm so sorry that happened to you! What a frightening experience.

Please KUP - I'm sending "keep baking" vibes to Carter.


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Hope everything continues to be OK. I got in a wreck when I was 39 weeks pregnant with DD. I totalled my car :eek:

Take it easy!

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Oh no, I'm sorry to hear about the wreck, Jen. That must've been awfully scary. I'm glad everything is looking good at L&D.

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That is so scary I'm glad you're being monitored take it easy!!

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That's terrible! Glad you are ok, and I'm sure Carter is too. I had one at thirty nine weeks as well and everything was just fine.

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Ack! So glad you and Carter are doing okay. Can you rest a little tomorrow? Sorry about the accident and your car Sad KUP

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So glad you and baby are okay! How scary! Please take it easy... :bighug:

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OMG I'm glad that you and baby Carter are all ok!

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Glad all is well...I was in labor and deliv around 20 weeks when I had to slam on the brakes when some moron pulled out in front of me!! :mad:

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Oh Jen what an experience! I am so sorry you went through it! Glad nothing more serious happened, but still!

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Yikes how scary. I am so relieved that you and Carter are doing good!!! Take it easy girl!

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WOW! How sacrry! Glad to hear all is well.....

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Oh Jen I'm so sorry this happened to you! I'm so glad to hear that you and baby are OK! It totally sucks about your car, though... I hope your insurance gets you up and running soon... and get yourself a good lawyer lol!

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I just saw this! Yikes! I'm sorry to hear about the car being totalled, but so thankful to hear that you and babe are ok!!

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How are you doing today - not too sore I hope?

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Not sore at all today, thanks for asking! Mercedes is a great car to wreck in, apparently. It absorbed the impact really well. My car got towed to a body shop today and I'll find out next week if they are going to fix it or total it. There's quite a bit of damage so I think there is a good chance of them totaling it.

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Glad no one was hurt; sorry about your car!

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aww, hugs! i only just saw this - SO glad everything is a-ok. the good thing about being preggo is that those babies are VERY well protected in our bellies!

i'm sure it was VERY stressful for you! i hope you can relax and your hips aren't sore. stupid driver pulling out in front of you!!