Last day being pregnant

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Last day being pregnant

...and I am quite the basket case. I am thrilled in 24 hours I will hold my baby but am scared of the c-section and all that comes with it. I will miss my DS while I am in the hospital. I may be in until Sat so there will be no pics posted until then. My friend IRL will update you all when we have her. I feel completely prepared one minute then not the next. I am on edge with DH. I just can't get my head on straight today. So thankful that my c-section is first thing in the morning...otherwise I would loose it tomorrow. Although DH will be with me tomorrow so that is good. I hope my pre-op goes well today so that it calms me down. OK I am just rambling..gotta go shower and head off to the hospital.

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:bigarmhug: Good luck!!!! I am so excited for you!!

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Melanie! I am so excited for you! I totally understand you nerves. Please take it easy. You will have your sweet baby girl in your arms soon! Good luck!

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Sending you all the best for your delivery! I'm so excited for you :D. I bet your nerves will settle as you get checked in and settled at the hospital. Everything is going to go great and I'm so glad you're in good care and will be holding your baby girl soon!!!

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It will all be OK!!! Jacob will be fine, you will do fine and you will have your sweet baby girl in your arms soon. Just trust that everything will be OK!!!

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I wish you peace of mind! I hope the pre-op goes well for you. The c-section will be over really quickly.

I hope you are able to get some pampering in today!

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totally understandable to be stressing! i mean, hello! you're going in for major surgery! but the good part is that you'll have a gorgeous baby girl after it's all said and done.

good luck. try to relax. whether you stress out or not, the baby's going to be here tomorrow try NOT to stress (yea, right!)

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We'll all be thinking of you!

Can't wait to meet your beautiful girl!

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You've had such a long journey! It's so normal to be a basket case the day before!!!

Take some time to reflect tonight on all that's happened, give your ds a big hug and know that you are giving your family an amazing gift tomorrow!

It's time to meet our princesses andblive happily ever after!!

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Just one more good luck for tomorrow!!

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:bigarmhug: I hope you have a wonderful experience and are snuggling your beautiful perfect little girl in just a few hours!

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Good luck Melanie! Can't wait to find out her name! Smile

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Good luck tomorrow!!!!! Smile

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Thank you everyone for your support. I have calmed down...some Smile It is just so amazing to me to realize my sweet little girl will be here in 9 hours!!! I won't check in before then so I hope everyone has a great couple of days while I am in the hospital. I don't think I will be able to check in so I will talk to everyone on Friday night or Sat. My friend IRL will update tomorrow with details.

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I hope everything went well for you today!! Can't wait to see pics of your new princess!!

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Good luck Melanie! I'll be thinking of you today!

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