Last prenatal appointment-yesterday

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Last prenatal appointment-yesterday

I had my last prenatal appointment yesterday-got to see my doctor, which was good-he's so nice, and reassuring. We talked about how things are supposed to go on monday-from when I arrive at the hospital, to when the baby is born, to getting back up to maternity, etc. He agreed that most likely I'd be staying till sometime on Thanksgiving, which is what I had planned on. We also talked about getting something for anxiety over the weekend, he said he'd rather not because he doesn't want whatever I take getting passed through to the baby-I agreed. He did say that if I had problems sleeping, I could take two Tylenol PM's...I don't think I would wake up if I took two of them--one knocks me out cold. haha!

Overall it was a good appointment-no concerns with bp, swelling, blood sugars, etc. Baby sounded great and has been kicking up a storm. I did ask about tingling in my hands and feet, doctor seems to think its from pregnancy carpal tunnel. Gah! I thought I had escaped that scurge this time around. Ah well. I may call my chiro to see if he can squeeze me in today or friday for an appointment. He probably can't, he's so busy most of the time.

Now I guess its time to pack my bag!!!!

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So exciting to have our last appointments! Have fun packing those bags!

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oh boy!! it's almost time!

i actually took some nyquil to put me to sleep. asked the OB if it was really bad that i did that and he said nope. said at this point you just have to do what you can! i wish tylenol pm would knock me out!

good luck getting everything ready! i still have to pack my bag too!

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Yay for another baby arriving! So excited for you!