Laszlo Jacob + Pic!

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Laszlo Jacob + Pic!

He is here! Healthy and beautiful and looking like he'll be his Dad's twin.

We've had a rough go of things so far - he had some really bad jaundice and just finished treatment yesterday. We're doing okay breastfeeding, but the tight feeding schedule we were given around his photo therapy has caused his weight to drop a little more than normal.

Thanks for the support and congratulations to all who have had their babies in the last few days! EL and SOON vibes to those of you still waiting. I'll be back once my milk comes in with the story.

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Congratulations Jasmine, he is gorgeous! :love10:
Welcome to the world baby Lazlo!
Hope things get easier on you both from here on Smile

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He's adorable! Rest up but I can't wait to hear the whole story.

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congrats! He's a cutie!

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Yay! I've been waiting for you to post something! He's so adorable... can't wait to read the birth story!!!

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He is beautiful! Congrats can't wait to hear the entire story, sorry things have been rough I hope they are all on the upswing now!

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Congradulations, Jasmine! He's a cutie pie!!

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He is so cute!!! Congratulations Mommy!!!!!!