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Keira giggled this weekend. It only happened once for a couple minutes but we can tell when she is smiling that she is always on the verge of laughing. It's so adorable!

I really love when they start to get out of the newborn stage and onto more of a baby stage where they start to learn new things and become interactive when you talk or you can at least tell they are somewhat paying attention to your voice Smile

Anybody elses little one doing new things?
Which stage do you enjoy the most?

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Trystan hasn't lauged yet, but I know it's right there and he wants to so badly because he's always cracking big grins and holding onto them for so long like he wants to but just can't get it out! I can't say I love one stage more than the others. On one hand I'm already missing him being a newborn, but I do love the fact that he's growing into himself and developing a personality now!

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I know, right? I say that now is the "fun" stage where all the "hard work" pays off Wink Because now they break into a huge smile when they see you and yes- we have gotten giggles, he is pretty generous with those!
I really love this stage of babyhood!
He also smiles pretty easily at strangers which delights all the ladies in the grocery store. Biggrin

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On our way to Georgetown this past weekend I was sitting in the back with Gianni and he was starting to fuss so I showed him this elephant toy that vibrates when you pull it down, he was laughing hhis little head off at it! I was so excited because it was his first time laughing at something, not just in his sleep. He is also starting to talk to me, we will have intense conversations during or after feedings when he is in such a good mood, lol.

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I love the talking and the cooing! it is so cute. I think by far keira is my most talkative babies Smile