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Let's check in!

It has been a while since we've checked in so I think it is time to do one. I know a lot of us lurk and don't have much time for posting. I miss you all!


LO's Name:

LO's Age & Weight:

How is LO doing with feeding?:

How are you doing pp?:

Are you getting any sleep?:

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?:

What will you use for contraceptive?:

Share your best baby tip:

Something good:

Something bad:

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Name: Jen

LO's Name: Carter

LO's Age & Weight: 6w3d and he's around 10 pounds

How is LO doing with feeding?: We ff and he loves to eat. He takes 3-5 ounces every 2-4 hours.

How are you doing pp?: Great! I've gotten a good grip on my pp depression. I feel recovered.

Are you getting any sleep?: Yes. Matt and I trade shifts so that we both get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: Yes. Probably June of 2013.

What will you use for contraceptive?: I'm going back on the pill. I will be using back up protection if I take antibiotics this time!

Share your best baby tip: When my baby gets really fussy I load him up and take a drive and listen to the radio. He falls asleep and it gets me out of the house.

Something good: I read The Hunger Games trilogy. It is awesome and I can't wait until the movie comes out in March.

Something bad: AF has returned. Boo.

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Name: Jasmine

LO's Name: Laszlo

LO's Age & Weight: 4 weeks, 2 days. 9 lbs, 8 ounces.

How is LO doing with feeding?: It has been absolutely horrific - I was just diagnosed with breast hypoplasia, so our feeding difficulties have a physiological cause. My supply is improving, and there is a very small chance that an exclusive breastfeeding relationship is still within reach.

How are you doing pp?: Our feeding difficulties have been expensive, emotionally devastating and isolating. But, I'm at PP weight and haven't had any depression or other issues!

Are you getting any sleep?: Yes, thanks to my awesome partner Smile

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: Probably in 2 years or so.

What will you use for contraceptive?: Considering the paragard...

Share your best baby tip: SWADDLING!

Something good: He's gaining more than 2 ounces a day since we figured out supplementation was necessary!

Something bad: My Mother told me today that I'm having feeding difficulties because I'm not trying hard enough. It will probably take me a few weeks to cool down.

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First - Jasmine your mom is crazy! It sounds like you've worked harder than anyone should ever have to!!! You're an amazing mama!

Jenni - it's so nice to have you sounding up beat again! Sounds like you and Carter are doing awesome! Smile

Name: Katie

LO's Name: Rory

LO's Age & Weight: 1 week old - was 10 lb 6oz Monday gaining roughly 2 oz a day

How is LO doing with feeding?: I'm lucky to have a great supply and an eager feeder! BF'ing has come easily to me with both my boys. The hardest part right now is that he's so big and eats every 90 minutes or so day and night, I have had a couple 3 hour stretches and I've done some cosleeping letting him nurse laying down to get some extra sleep.....it will pass though

How are you doing pp?: Good! I've been a bit too active lately and have had a little discomfort it's hard with Christmas decorating and Evan's 2nd bday tomorrow but having DH home this week and next is a HUGE help

Are you getting any sleep?: Not a ton.....of course he's only a week old. 2 nights ago I got two 3 hour blocks and that rocked but last night he didn't go more than 2 hours w/o wanting to eat. 10+ pound newborns eat a lot LOL

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: Not really sure. We've talked about maybe 3 and I'm not ready to say Rory is definitely our last but I definitely won't consider being prego until after my sister's wedding Sept 2013 so for now it's 2 boys and going with the flow

What will you use for contraceptive?: UUGGHHH I have no idea. I have no desire to go back on BCPs, I don't really want anything long term like an IUD, condoms are always good in theory but I suck at application lol For now it's BF'ing which I know is totally no good haha But I didn't ovulate for around 6 months PP with Evan so hopefully I'll have something similar and my body gives very very clear fertile signs

Share your best baby tip: If he cries offer a boob....

Something good: He's been awake and very alert a lot today w/o crying it's been fun

Something bad: I'd like some sleep....

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jen - so glad you're feeling better now and it's great that you and DH are splitting the night shifts so you can get some sleep. 6 hours sounds divine!

jasmine - shoo! that is some tough bf'ing times you've had. hugs! and phooey on your mom. they really know how to say the WRONG things, right??

Name: Nancy

LO's Name: Matthew

LO's Age & Weight: 2 weeks, don't know his weight- hoping he's back to birth weight!

How is LO doing with feeding?: thank goodness he's doing great. i had SUCH a hard and miserable time bf'ing DS1 that i think God owed it to me to give me a baby who could latch a little better!

How are you doing pp?:so much better than how i felt after my first. i was so afraid of PPD this time around. i think i sort of prepared myself and reminded myself of the feelings that i might have and because of that i'm able to deal with them better? i mean, i'm tired and overwhelmed and fat but i think knowing that was going to happen has made it easier to deal with. i'm sitting more comfortably now too the last few days.

Are you getting any sleep?: eh, as much as you can with a 2 week old. he's still doing his big sleeping during the day and not as much at night. but with a 2.5 year old, it's almost nice that he sleeps more during the day because DS1 can still get oodles of attention. i've been having DH give matthew one bottle of formula a night so i can get a break. sure, my boobs want to explode around that time but getting some rest at least for a couple hours a night has been nice. and i feel zero guilt at all about the bottle of formula - mom needs rest. a rested mommy means a better mommy!

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: hell to the no!! lol! two is just fine. there will be no "trying for the girl" in my life! i have two boys and that is plenty. i didn't even think we'd have two!

What will you use for contraceptive?: DH is going to get the snip-snip. after all i went through with PCOS and trying to get pg with the first baby, the least he can do is get an outpatient procedure done!

Share your best baby tip: stay calm! if the baby is crying but you are still going to the bathroom, he'll be ok if he waits for a few minutes. i made that mistake with my first - i never let him even make more than a squeak before i picked him up. this time i just don't have that luxury! i think it will help later on when he sleeps in the crib by himself.

the 5 S's are a godsend for a cranky baby!

Something good: although tired, i feel so much more relaxed this time around and i think that feeling is helping with both little boys. being less anxious has been nice.

Something bad: my stupid ILs are coming tomorrow to see the kids. i hate them. hate? yes, hate. they are all certifiably crazy and nasty. it's MIL, FIL, DH'S brother and his wife and kid and DH's sister that are coming. most people visit someone with a newborn and bring lunch or something, right? nope. not them. they will expect to be fed and entertained. they will just sit there and complain that the baby is sleeping. and then when the baby is hungry they will be annoyed that i go into another room to feed him because couldn't i just give him a bottle instead? i told DH that they can stay for an hour or hour and a half max and then they need to leave. that's enough. grr, i'm going to stop thinking about this because my blood pressure is going up!!

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Name: Lisa

LO's Name: Darian Joseph ( DJ)

LO's Age & Weight: one month and 5 days.. 10lbs 10oz 22 and 1/2 long

How is LO doing with feeding?:BF is pretty much done .. Sad i wasn't producing enough and he was having a hard time with the amount so we supplemented with formula... i tried pumping but only was getting an 1 once if that...he eats about every 2 to 3 hours eating 4-5 oz

How are you doing pp?:im doing ok... i have my crying moments but it's just the relaity that im a mom and that hes mine and i miss my dad and my mother inlaw...they are passes away

Are you getting any sleep?: i little bit.. he takes his last bottle at 11/12 then sleeps till 3/4 then gets up again around 6/7 .. it can vary but i get about 4-5 hours of sleep a night not consecutive but i try to take a nap during the day when he sleeps...

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: It took us 8 years to get our little miracle... so we are not going to go through IVF right at this moment .. we will see in a couple of years

What will you use for contraceptive?: LOL never have ... hubby doesn't produce with medical help ...

Share your best baby tip: the car is a great tool Smile he goes right to sleep in the car Smile love it

Something good: i cant wait for christmas and every christmas from here on .. Smile

Something bad: I have to go back to work on the 19th Sad i really dont want to and only wish we could afford for me to stay home... i just know that its going to be a big fight with the hubby to get him to help with the baby....

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Name: Nicole

LO's Name: Aubrey

LO's Age & Weight: 5w4d, 10lbs

How is LO doing with feeding?: Ok, I have my moments when I want to chuck BF in, but I am getting past this. My supply is certainly a lot lower this time around and we are supplementing with formula. DD is very distracted and it makes it hard when I try to feed her

How are you doing pp?: Having my moments of frustration between Aubrey crying and Taine demanding my attention. I am planning to start getting back into my walks once the weather gets better

Are you getting any sleep?: We are usually up once a night to feed, going down between 9-10, feed at 4-5 back to sleep and up at 8. Last night she was up every 2 hours to feed.

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: Nope, 2 is enough.

What will you use for contraceptive?: IUD

Share your best baby tip: I totally agree with Nancy, letting baby cry won't hurt it. They will be ok while you are in the loo. Also when you have other kids, let them help out with the baby too. It's good to include them so they do not feel like there is no attention given to them.

Something good: We had Lloyd's side of the family xmas party yesterday and part of that was meeting at the park for professional photos. We had a sneak peak and the photos we saw are awesome! After the photos we headed back to lloyd's uncles place for lots of yummy food. Downside, Aubrey wanted to feed every hour and was very unsettled - this didn't stop me from enjoying a glass of much needed wine.

Something bad: I have to see the dentist this week and most likely get a tooth pulled, it's causing me grief.

I though i'd add a photo too Smile

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Name: Sandra

LO's Name: Emerson

LO's Age & Weight: 2 weeks old, 9 lbs 15 oz (up 3 oz from birth weight)

How is LO doing with feeding?: Mediocre. We're still struggling a bit with latch. I saw an LC yesterday and she was helpful. Thankfully my nipples are not really cracked, just very sore and raw. I just have trouble getting my hungry boy to open up wide enough.

How are you doing pp?: Not too bad. My swelling has pretty much all gone now and it is just the healing from the tear to worry about now. I'm still taking ibuprofen for help with pain down there and for my nipples. My PP bleeding has slowed to a light pinky-yellow flow. I've been a bit emotional over the BF issues but nothing too serious. I'm a pretty weepy, sensitive person even when not pregnant and post partum!

Are you getting any sleep?: Some. He generally gives me a good 3-4 hour chunk at night but when we do get up for a feeding he doesn't just drift back to sleep. With feeding, burping, changing diapers, sometimes feeding again, then trying to get him back to sleep....it can be 90 minutes before we get back down.

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: We have always sort of planned on 4 in total. We'll see how I adjust to life with 3! If we do have #4 it will likely be in 2013 or early 2014. I can be done before I turn 30!

What will you use for contraceptive?: Not sure yet. I will likely just go on the pill again between #3 and #4. I might consider an IUD.

Share your best baby tip: I'm a big fan of swaddling, and I'm also a paci advocate! My babies sure love to suck. I also really recommend baby wearing. Emerson LOVES to be in my pouch sling or Moby wrap.

Something good: It's almost Christmas! I love Christmas! Also, my DH is done work now and starts his leave officially tomorrow! He is not going back to work until January 9th. Yahoo

Something bad: My 2 bigger kids are sick. They have lost their voices and have nasty, honking coughs. Gross.

Here's a picture too Smile

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Name: Justine

LO's Name: Sunniva

LO's Age & Weight: 10 days. On Friday she was 8 lbs. 7 oz so she is probably back to birth weight now (8 lbs. 9 oz)

How is LO doing with feeding?: Slowly improving. Right now I am pretty engorged so it is hard for her to latch. She seems to be biting less and sucking more though, nursing every 1-2 hours in the day.

How are you doing pp?: Good but it is so much work trying to take care of the three of them! Fortunately Sunniva is fairly calm so far, knock on wood.

Are you getting any sleep?: She usually sleeps a four hour stretch at night, then up every 2 after that. Fortunately DH and MIL are here to help, so I usually get a nap during the day.

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: nope, all done.

What will you use for contraceptive?: I want DH to get a vasectomy but he won't. The thought of an IUD kind of freaks me out so I'll probably get my tubes tied in a few months or so.

Share your best baby tip: bring lots of extra clothes and plastic bags wherever you go!

Something good: Sunniva does not have a dairy allergy like my boys did.

Something bad: Thai food and Indian food disagree with her.

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Hope you don't mind if I join in too Smile

Name: Amy

LO's Name:Jonah Luke

LO's Age & Weight:2-weeks, 2-days. He was weighed on Thursday at 6lb 2oz his is so small and it bothers me a little bit

How is LO doing with feeding?:I think great. However, he is now just at his birth weight which is good but I wish he was gaining more. He falls asleep A LOT while feeding and I worry he's not getting enough.

How are you doing pp?:really hard time adjusting to two kids and no sleep. I'm doing fine but not as good as I expected

Are you getting any sleep?:Jonah sleeps 6-7 hours @night, but the catch is he has to be right next to me to do that, so that means I don't sleep well. If he's in his crib it's only about 3-hour stretches and tough to get him back to sleep.

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?:at this point we are done. I would like to try for a girl but I don't think I could survive another pregnancy/c-section and newborn

What will you use for contraceptive?:Doc just gave me the mini pill

Share your best baby tip:5 s's are my saving grace. Jonah loves to be swaddled very tight and loves his binki

Something good: I love snuggling with him, he's just precious!

Something bad: Trying to adjust this time around to the new baby has been rough. I feel like I have no life....

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Name: Julie

LO's Name: Logan Isaiah

LO's Age & Weight: 3wks tomorrow- probably 9.5lbs?

How is LO doing with feeding?: Pretty good! We have mastered the latch, and my supply is really good this time around. He eats a LOT.

How are you doing pp?: Okay I think. Life with 3 under 4.5 is a little crazy, I'm not going to lie! I find that my patience is really being tested, and if I don't get sleep, that's the hardest part. Physically I have healed fully, can't wait to start exercising!

Are you getting any sleep?: Some. Logan will go 3-4hrs usually at night, but sometimes he can't get a burp out, or he poops, and then I have to change his bum, and then he wakes up, and wants to be fed again. During the night feeds, I keep the room dark, and just bring him in bed with me. I fall asleep nursing usually, and then wake up and put him in his bed, and then go back to sleep. I think I get around 6hrs a night total. Sometimes 8 if I go to bed early LOL.

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: Tough decision. Dh wants 4 kids, I would love 4, but want to see how I do with 3. So far its pretty crazy, so I want to wait a while before discussing that one.

What will you use for contraceptive?: Hmm.. not sure to be honest.

Share your best baby tip: What are the 5 s's? Sometimes Logan likes to be swaddled, sometimes not. He will take a soother, but its a hit and miss. Oh, gripe water is awesome.

Something good: Dh is buying me a new vehicle! Smile I can't fit all three kids in the backseat of my Audi, so we are looking at a Toyota Sequoia or Sienna... and he's really picky with vehicles, so I know it will be fully loaded. I'm a little excited!

Something bad: You know what, I could say how the lack of sleep is awful, or that my kids are completely crazy, and I get overwhelmed a lot lately, but I am so thankful and completely blessed with my little family, that although I am exhausted, I know that this will pass and things will get easier! Smile

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LO's Name: Landon

LO's Age & Weight:Almost 5 weeks. Not sure about his weight. He has a dr appt today and I will find out.

How is LO doing with feeding?: UGH!!!! It is so hit or miss with him. One minute he will nurse like a champ and the next feeding is a total pain.I am over it though if he needs to go to a bottle then so be it. I have had like major issuses with not wanting to be judged for not nursing. I enjoy nursing and would love to continue but I am also over the guilt.

How are you doing pp?:I am doing well. I am not having many issuses. I healed well and have had very little issuse with depression.

Are you getting any sleep?: very little most nights. At night he is waking every hour or hour and a half to nurse for 10 minutes then goes back to sleep.

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: I was pretty sure I was done but with such an easy delivery and seeing his beautiful face I really am on the fence about it. I was going to get essure but I decided to put that off for a little while.

What will you use for contraceptive?: I am currently on the mini pill and will be until I am done nursing or until I can get the IUD. Since I got pregnant while taking the pill I would prefer to try something else.

Share your best baby tip: Swaddle!!! Landon loves to be swaddled. And a nice warm bath is his favorite. It can calm him in an instant.

Something good: Christmas is coming.The kids are super excited and so am I.

Something bad:Af has reared her ugly head.I am NOT happy about this. I thought I had a few months of not having to deal with this but that just didnt happen for me. It is very very light and just a little like spotting so I am hoping it is just some leftover pp bleeding brought on by DTD.

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Name: Krystal

LO's Name: Trystan Magnus

LO's Age & Weight: 2 weeks, 6 days

How is LO doing with feeding?: He's doing great, breastfeeding like a champ!

How are you doing pp?: I feel wonderful, so much better now that he's out! Now if I could just get DH to give me some lol!

Are you getting any sleep?: Most nights... he's only had three or four really bad nights where he wanted to either eat or be wide awake every hour! Normally he lets me sleep three to four hours during feedings.

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: Nope, this factory is closed!

What will you use for contraceptive?: Condoms until DH makes an appt to get the snip!

Share your best baby tip: Corona Cream is the absolute best stuff for a baby's rash... it runs circles around Desitin!

Something good: I'm so madly in love with my new little man, it's crazy!

Something bad: I had to come back to work today and I'm missing my Trystan so much it hurts...

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Name: Melanie

LO's Name: Lily

LO's Age & Weight: She will be 7 weeks tomorrow - she is well over 12 pounds....growing way to quickly

How is LO doing with feeding?: She is doing great. I have next to no milk so she is mostly formula fed but I still bf the coupe ounces i have because I love it and she does so well

How are you doing pp?: great. I healed great and feel good....getting back into exercising this week

Are you getting any sleep?: yep - at night she always sleeps 3-4 hours stretches. There have even been 3 - 6 hour stretches!

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: nope...got my tubes tied

What will you use for contraceptive?: tubes tied

Share your best baby tip: just take the time to just cuddle and enjoy...it goes way to quick

Something good: Found out yesterday that Lily is not going to need surgery

Something bad nothing right now

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Name: Rae

LO's name: Liam

LO's age and weight: nearly 6 weeks & around 11 pounds

How is LO doing with feeding?: He's doing good and obviously gaining weight, we can practically see him grow. Nursing during the day was every 3 hours & last 2 weeks he's been wanting every 2 hours or sooner, but he's only taking 1 side at a time now so more smaller meals I guess. He's also got much more efficient as he has grown, he can drain a BB in 10 minutes now whereas he used to be both sides and take 1/2 to 1 hour. Since about 5 weeks old he's started a tongue-click but I think I've figured it's when I am totally engorged, and it doesn't seem to hurt me so I'm just keeping an eye on that. At night he usually lets me sleep a 4 hour stretch so is normally only up the one time.

How are you doing pp?: Feeling pretty good physically, I just get sore back shoulder arm & stomach muscles. Emotionally I'd say okay, I have my moments of weepiness but normally recognize I'm just tired. DH will usually send me for a nap and it's great he sets his own work schedule as he is around a lot and is a fantastic help. Some days I just want to hide out at home, other days I'm impressed with how much I can get done, other days I'm frustrated I can't seem to do a thing. It's hard not to snap at DD which makes me feel awful.

Are you getting any sleep? I should probably try to go to bed earlier but I usually get about 6.5 hours which is pretty good! Try to nurse DS for last feed about 11 and then I'm asleep at midnight. His night feeds are short now so sometimes I'm back asleep in just 1/2 hour! DH will hear DS before I do, wake me & change his diaper and bring him to the nursing chair for me - I'm pretty lucky there I guess and since he's stopped complaining about being tired we have less to argue about Wink

Are you going to TTC again, if so when?: No we are too old & all done with this last long awaited little blessing.

What will you use for contraceptive?: I guess I'll get Rx for the mini-pill later this week and use that while DH gets up the nerve to snip.

Share your best baby tip: Get a good pre-treater spray for all the mucky baby laundry so it won't stain while it sits for days - I'm almost out of 2am Miracle and can't find it anywhere waaaahhhh!

Something good: I have started my christmas shopping and mailed out cards last week for the first time in years. I am actually wanting to start working out and even feeling a little randy at times, LOL!

Something bad: I need to let go of sh*t (like stupid work stuff which I should be away from till Oct 2012) & just enjoy.