Lets share pictures

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Lets share pictures

I want to see pictures. Of your belly, or of stuff you have bought for baby, of cute maternity clothes, of stuff you have made for baby, of a new hair cut, of your holidays...whatever you have pics of lets see them. I love looking at pics. I will upload a couple tomorrow of dif things.

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Oh gosh, sorry the pics are so big, hopefully photobucket will sort itself out and resize properly!

DS in his big boy bed.

Started on Aubrey's Room.

Lotsa Clothing!

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Oooh, I love the wall decals in Aubrey's room!

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this is DS's new must-have accessory. he wears it pretty much at all times lately!

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My DD just turned 4 last weekend! Here are some pictures from her party!


Me in the shadows (LOL) I'm the lady behind the camera always so there are never any pics of me!

With Grandma (my mom) down at the lake waiting for Grandpa (DH's dad) to pick her up in the boat!

Driving the boat Wink

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Awwe cute pics!!

Nicole- I love the pic of your DS sleeping. He looks so snuggly and comfy!! Also love the decals on Aubrey's room! Sweetness!

Nancy- a bucket? So funny! He looks so proud of it!

Sandra- Happy Bday to sweet Ella! I love the rainbow cake! It looks delicious and pretty! Ella looks really happy!

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We have had a busy summer so far... here are a few pics.
Like Ella, my DD Gabby was also born in July of 07 so she too turned 4.

She had a giant butterfly cupcake cake and a flower.

Here is an unflattering pic of me. I was wearing this huge shirt to cover up a tank top...

We had a pool party:

We also went to Cedar Point.
Here was Sebastian's first ride. He stayed so serious, we think he thought he really was driving the car?

Karolina went on the Power Tower

Julius, DH and Phillip went on Top Thrill Dragster.

I used google image for the roller coaster pics.

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I am loving the pictures!!! It is great to see more into each others lives...does that sound creepy Smile Here are some pics from me

***ETA I have no idea why my pics are so big..I tried to resize them...I will try again - sorry!

some belly pics that I have not shared

the onesies that I wrote on

a couple little things for my little girl

DS grad pic from a special needs program that he has been with for 3 years...they help kids with special needs get ready for inclusion

That is it for now. I will have to get up some summer fun photos!

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From Drop Box

Ok so here is my first belly photo.. not looking too preggers ...looking like gained some weight... just waiting for that belly to finally pop... This is 24 weeks

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What a GREAT idea, Melanie! thanks for initiating this. and congrats to your son!

Asha, you look trim and fabulous - I would never guess you are baking #10.

remember that coffee I spilled on my laptop a week ago? it is still in the shop- my computer repair guy is ordering a new keyboard. Not too expensive of a fix, but the computer is new enough he had to order the part directly from the factory in Hong Kong. UGH.

so, of course I hadn't uploaded/backed-up any of our photos from this summer...or year. As soon as I get my laptop back, I'll add to this thread!

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LOVE all the pics!!

Nicole Taine looks so sweet!!

I love the bucket hat Smile

Happy Birthday to Ella! She's a beautiful little girl and you look great!

Gabby is a total cutie and I agree Asha you look fantastic for anyone let alone a mom of 9.5 Wink I love pics of your big happy family they always make me smile

Melanie you look great and congrats to DS!

Love the belly pic babydreamer Smile

OK pics for me!

My baby boy Evan on June 18th at 18 months

A pic that includes my boy and my dogs:

Last week we went on vacation to Cape Cod, MA and here are a few pics:

Evan and I at the park:

Evan and Daddy in the sand:

Family pic:

Evan enjoying low tide:

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Melanie- what a beautiful baby bump!! Congrats to Jacob! He looks so proud!

Babydreamer11- that's a bump all right!

Jasmine- sorry about your laptop. Backing up files is a PITA. I always procrastinate!

Katie- Oh.MY. God!!!! Your little son is gorgeous! He should be on commercials! So adorable! Then I saw a pic of the whole family and realized what good looking parents he has! You are rocking the baby bump!

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I hope this works!

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(It didn't -- will try again later!)

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Our gender reveal party it was so fun!

23 weeks

Our 4th Anniversary, my pretty roses from hubby and kids

Me and my kiddos

Hubby made was a non makeup kind of day...ugh

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I love all these pics!!!!!!!!!

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I don't really have any recent pics, so just took some with photobooth.

Here's me:

Belly pic 21 weeks:

Me & my boys playing with photobooth Smile

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Here is my belly shot, 25 weeks!

21 month old Tyler on a recent camping trip:

Being silly

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I wish I could learn how to upload photos on this thing!!!