Let's talk poop

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Let's talk poop

Maya hardly ever poops! She went quite a bit her first five days and has gone only once a week since. The dr examined her and she doesn't have any build up, she just doesn't need to go often. What is normal for your little ones? I'm a bit concerned despite the drs reassurance.

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We formula feed and he goes once a day. It is mushy, greenish, stinky, and there quite a large amount. Thank you, Gentlease for making my baby's poop and gas smell like a grown man's! Haha.

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Is she breastfed or formula fed? Breastfed babies tend to poop more often than formula fed babies. I remember DS pooped a lot those first few weeks. My friend's baby was formula fed and pooped only once every other day. Once a week sounds like it's not a lot but every kid is different! If the doctor isn't concerned then I wouldn't worry.

Does she seem uncomfortable?

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She's breast fed.

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Here's an article:


But basically I recall from Evan that once the baby is a few weeks old some BF babies poop weekly or even biweekly and it's totally normal b/c of how completely digestible breastmilk is. They can use so much of it as long as they have enough wet diapers and are gaining weight and aren't miserable etc the lack of poop is totally normal and just a sign they are digesting all the good stuff in the BM

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Yes, BF babies can only poop once a week and still be fine. Every baby is different but as long as she's not in pain and still peeing OK, try not to worry! DD was BF for 7 months and after the first few weeks she became a lot less regular. She went only twice a week.

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I agree sometimes bfed babies rarely poop and are fine. I unfortuantely have the bf kids who poop 24 times/day! Lol