Letters to Daddy

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Letters to Daddy

Community services here has a program called Letters to Daddy. The month before baby is born and then once a month for the first year, they mail letters from the baby to each future father. My husband received his first letter yesterday and I thought Id share. (Taken from Centre de sante et de services sociaux de la VielleCapitale)

Dear Daddy,

I am sure that Ive been in your thoughts for a quite a while now, and that I am already a big part of your life. Mommy talks to you all the time about me. She says that I am giving her all sorts of feelings, that she dreams about me, that she feels me moving, that she is tired sometimes, and lots more.

Have you heard my heartbeat yet? Did you get to see me during the ultrasound? Do you know if I am a she or a he?

You might be asking yourself other questions too. Will I be in good health? What role will you play in my life? Will you be as special to me as I am to Mommy?

I don't expect you to be perfect, only to love me as much as I already love you.

I hope you are getting excited to see me. I sure am looking forward to you holding me in your amrs for the first time.

I'll see you on the big day!

I love you.

Your baby.

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OMG - so cute!!!! I got tears.

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Um that's weird. Ha ha I bet that's what my DH would say if he got one of those letters anyway. Sounds like an interesting social program though, I bet the letters just get cuter!

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Aww that's really cute! DH would probably roll his eyes at it though, as he's (unfortunately) not very sentimental when it comes to stuff like that. He's definitely one of those that doesn't become a father until baby is born lol... but when baby is here they have him wrapped around their little fingers! I think he's like this too, because he's a BTDT dad...