A lime!!!!

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A lime!!!!

I am in shock at how quickly our little ones grow. I hit 11w on Sat and my baby is as big as a lime!!! Crazy - I feel like we were just in the raspberry stage Smile I love the ticker that shows this. And I was reading that finger/toe nails grow this week. So crazy at how quickly they develop too.

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I have a Lime too!

The finger nails comment reminded me of Juno Smile

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I forgot about that part of Juno....to funny!!

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I looooooooooooooove Juno!

I have a lime too!

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i think mine's just a raspberry right now. funny how such a little thing the size of the fruit can make me feel so rundown! Smile

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Mine is almost a lime!!!!!

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I've got a grape!

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When this first came up, I was 11wks, my update said the size of a fig. Now this week at 12wks it says a lime???