Lost weight, but my clothes aren't fitting

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Lost weight, but my clothes aren't fitting

I've lost somewhere in the range of 5 -10 pounds since finding out I'm pregnant. I attribute this to eating better and cutting things out. What I don't get is even though I've lost weight, my pants aren't really fitting. I know things redistribute, but it's just odd to me. Anyone else having this happen?
On the plus side, I got to go shopping and buy a bunch of cute new things yesterday. Smile

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I am a little over 9 weeks and I have lost 5 lbs so far. Week 8, my belly popped out and now I can't fasten any belts. Guess its time for me to go shopping too! Wink

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I think that is normal.I am staying between the same 5 pounds (losing then gaining it back) and have yet to go over my weight from the day I found out I was pregnant but I too am finding my clothes are just not fitting right.They are not too tight yet just not fitting like they were before.Your actual weight has nothing to do with your baby bump.Your bump will grow as long as the baby grows.With my youngest the day I gave birth I was 3 pounds less than the day I found out I was pregnant!

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I too think it is normal. I am only up 3 pounds and there is no way my pants can fit right now. I even tried to do the elastic band thing with my dress pants for church this weekend and there was just no way. Enjoy it!!