Loving this pregnancy :)

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Loving this pregnancy :)

I've been pregnant eight times (tested positive via bloodtest) and this is my fifth baby that will be born and last little one, and overall I can say, I love this pregnancy! Maybe because I know it is my last and that amazing sense of peace with knowing that. Or that this is my only pregnancy I haven't worked during. Or maybe it's because it's the happiest time of my life ever. But I feel this peace with this pregnancy I've never felt before. I do have strong rounds of morning sickness, exhaustion, and burning boobs that while nursing I think..:eek: (My baby girl is just 7 months old) I've also had a sudden weight gain and my jeans are getting way tight and my normal shirts scream, this lady needs to do abs or she's pregnant (which totally annoys me). But overall...I can say..How great is life and is it to be a woman sometimes !:)

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Awww I'm so glad you are feeling great!:cool:

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Yay! Enjoy every moment then! I saw your belly picfrom 5 weeks and I can't imagine you looking "fat"!

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What an amazing attitude you have! Keep enjoying every minute!

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Jen, I am right there with ya! If you look on my siggie, it says "Project Fifth and Final"! I have four boys and my youngest is 8. I am still in the worrying stage, though. I'm so glad this is a happy experience for you!

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I know what you mean by being at peace with it being your last.This is my last( getting it permanant as soon as I can lol) and I find myself very content with that.Also this pregnancy is by far been the best so far.I had a few really bad days nausea wise but that has gone away so I am back to feeling pretty good other than the sore bbs still lol.