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Lunette Review

Okay so you all know I've been wanting to try a cup for my cycle since I had Carter. I found Lunette on sale on a baby deal site (not babysteals, for once!) and I bought it.


  • I don't feel it at all, once it is in.
  • NO CRAMPS! I always have killer cramps, esp on day 1 and this cycle I have had none.
  • I only empty 2-3 times every 24 hours, which makes it very convenient for work.
  • I can shower with it in.
  • I can run with it in.
  • I'm one of those women who changes a tampon every time I pee because I find it absorbs urine (ew) but with the cup in place I could pee and be on my way!


  • I haven't quite gotten the hang of removal and that can be a bit painful where I had my tear.
  • Emptying can be messy.
  • Emptying, cleaning cup, and reinserting takes a few minutes.
  • I have had some very very small leaks...I don't think I've been getting it in a good position.

Overall opinion:
I am pretty satisfied with it and will continue to use it for a few more cycles. I'm on a learning curve and I need more time to practice with it. I would definitely recommend this or a similar product!

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Ohh Your review has encouraged me to try! AF returned and is back to normal cycles (BOO to that BF'ing my first kept her away for 7 months!! WTH is up with her coming back after 3 this time?!? I digress....). Since having kids I just haven't liked tampons but pads aren't so great either. Maybe this will be a better option! I'm game to try now!

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I have used the throw away cups called instead and I like them. I agree the small leaks will get better once you have been using it a while and get proper postioning.

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I'm glad the pros are outweighing the cons for you Jen! I myself can't bring myself to even try it... it just creeps me out too much lol! But I'm glad it works for you! AF still hasn't shown back up (thank God!) since I'm still BF and I hope she stays away until Trystan is weaned. I hope I still remember how to use a tampon lol!

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Reminds me of the Today Sponge, which I liked if it wasn't so dang expensive... so I suppose it's something I could conceivably try in the future. I like that it's hormone free. But, still think I'd prefer menopause though! Wink

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AF was officially over on Monday. I have been having weird, short cycles. But I'm pretty satisfied with Lunette and will continue to use next cycle!