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Lurking but not posting

Hey ladies. I've been around lurking and making sure that all is well with our group. My life has been very hectic lately. Trying to balance my relationship with Matt, taking care of Carter, and working full time has been kicking my tail. A short day for me is 10 hours. However, I've been working 12-13 hours every day that I work. I take care of people all day to come home and take care of my family. It is so exhausting. Trying to alternate between career woman and mama is quite a challenge.

Carter and I have had some rough days. He was up for 20 hours straight one day(with 20 and 30 minute naps here and there) and I thought I was going to lose my mind. He is also majorly teething now...he's got some serious drool, chewing/gnawing, and fussing going on. He's sleeping well- 8-10 hour stretches when I finally get him down.

I didn't do our DITLO because that week wasn't a good week for us...many tears were cried by all! I will do it after everyone else has their turn in a few months.

Now to go catch up on posts!

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I have been lurking and not posting much too. Nice to see you Smile

DH is working from about 7:30 am to 11:30 pm these days, so I am completely on my own with the kids and the housework. January to May is insane for accountants Smile Year end audits and tax season. Thankfully it won't be quite as bad in March (he'll only work 70 hours a week instead of 80-90 LOL!)

DS1 had his birthday party last week, so I was pretty busy with that. Hope to start posting more often!

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Thanks 4 checking in! Hope things get a little easier on you soon. Hope you have some little pearly whites showing sooner than later! With DD's teething we loved Hylands Teething Tablets and Camilia (loved those that traveled so well in my purse) & I'd be interested in your opinion on them given you're a nurse :). You know, when you have 5 minutes to yourself of course!

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Huge hugs to you Jenni Beth! I can only imagine how drained you feel with working long hours and coming home to a teething baby.
Is it financially feasible for you to work reduced hours? That way maybe you can carve in some "me" time?

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Sorry to hear you have been having a rough-go! I can't imagine working outside of the home for 10-12hrs and then doing all the household chore/taking care of a family on top of that! Hugs to you, girl!
Thanks for checking in!

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Sounds Crazy Jenni! I return to work Monday and I know it will be 100 MPH once I'm back. I stopped in the office Monday and wound up working a full day b/c it's such a mess....sigh....

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Hi Jen! Good to see you back around! Thankfully Trystan has been sleeping pretty well, even getting 5-6 hours in a row at nights. He is majorly teething as well though, going through 2 bibs a day with how much drool is coming out! He really only gnaws on his fists when he's hunry though (which is every two hours it seems lol).

Happy belated b-day to your DS Sandra!