Mastitis Again!

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Mastitis Again!

Well I've got mastitis again in my right breast Sad Can't seem to catch a break this time around!

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Hot shower and hand express the heck out of the red spot. It will hurt but you have to massage it out.

If you get on antibiotics (which you should) eat a ton of yogurt and NO sugar or bread because you need to keep yeast at a minimum so you don't get thrush.

Feel better! Mastitis really sucks.

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So sorry! I had a wicked clogged duct yesterday and I was very afraid it was going to get infected. I spent most the day working on it. It's red and tender today but I think I managed to unclog it enough that it won't get infected. Rory is eating better today too -- my oversupply makes him angry and he does a lot of popping off and screaming at me.

I hope you're on the mend soon

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I've got mastitis now too. And thrush. I feel like trash. I'm on meds for both.

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:bigarmhug: So sorry Sandra!

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What is this??

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Oh I'm so sorry! I just got over this, still on antibiotics for it though. I was actually in the hospital this past week for 5 days for an infection in my uterus and then developed mastitis in my right breast, not fun. I recommend to get on antibiotics as soon as possible and a warm compress before and after you nurse/pump. That helped me out a lot. I wasn't able to shower while I was in the hospital because I was IV antibiotics but when ingot home, the hot shower really helped. The LC also said to eat yogurt to reduce the chance of yeast infection since I was given oral antibiotics.