Maternity Leave

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Maternity Leave

Ive been on preventive leave since February so nothing much changes, but as of today I am on Maternity leave!! The added bonus? My salary goes up!

Preventive leave was based on last years salary and my workload of 80%. Mat leave is the standard Canadian 55% (maximum of $700 every two weeks I think of actual check?) plus I am topped off to 92% by my employer for six months. Since I have a workload of 100% this year and a salary increase of $5000, it equals about $500 a month more in my pocket (and trust me I need it!!)

woot woot for maternity leave!!

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Yay! And I was excited about one day of full pay for Rosh Hashanah yesterday. Smile

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Thats great!

I don't get maternity for this baby.. My maternity for Kay ends november 5th so I can't exactly go back to work to top up my maternity for the new baby. Blah.. Money is going to be tight but I am sure we can do it.. Hopefully!

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Woo hoo!

Jealous of that extra cash! Wink

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Are you sure you can't do back to back mat leaves? I'd heard they'd changed it. Call 1800 ocanada and ask!

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So happy for you that you get so much time off... and it's paid!!! If I were having another baby after this I might need to move to Canada!!

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That is great news! I am thinking I need to move to Canada as disability is about to run out since I have been on some form of bed rest or another for months. That means my actual "maternity" time will be completely without pay.

DH is really supportive (in fact he only thinks I should return PT or not at all after the twins arrive) but I am really worried about how we will pay all of our bills with only one salary.

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"Freesia34" wrote:

Are you sure you can't do back to back mat leaves? I'd heard they'd changed it. Call 1800 ocanada and ask!

I went in and checked to see if I could get extended maternity and or anything along those lines and because I was on sick leave for 15 weeks before I went on maternity there is nothing they can do. The only way for me to get maternity is to go back to work and even then if I did go back to work I would get very little and it wouldn't be worth it....

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That sure sounds good! Smile

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That is awesome...congrats on the extra cash. I can't remember why you were put on preventive leave???

For others, I know it is a stress to worry about $$$ after you have the little ones. We always planned on me returning to work but with our situation that has been impossible and we have been on one income for almost 7 years and it has worked out fine. I now wonder what the heck we did with all of our money when we were both working and we did not have kids.

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I'm a teacher and they are afraid I'll catch rubella or parvovirus. Ridiculous because nurses don't get off for the same thing but I'll take it! No wonder Quebec is going bankrupt!

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Hooray for extra money!

In NZ we are paid 14 weeks mat leave at a max of $430 before tax. Of course I haven't been back to work since having DS so it won't affect us.

You will learn to budget and it is hard in the beginning but you learn to appreciate the small things.