Maternity Shoot - More Pics (pic heavy)

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Maternity Shoot - More Pics (pic heavy)

My photographer posted some sample pics from my photo shoot onto her FB business page. I should be getting the CD with my photos this week! So excited!

Here are some more shots from the shoot:

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Beautiful shots birth buddy!!!

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Ooooh, I love the 6th one! Such pretty lighting and gorgeous outfit!

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wonderful and you have a beautiful family!

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"sandraleigh" wrote:

Ooooh, I love the 6th one! Such pretty lighting and gorgeous outfit!

Agreed! I also like the black & white coordination in the family shot!

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You are incredibily gorgeous! I could see some of those pictures in a magazine. Have you seriously ever thought of modelling?

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Awww lovely pics. I love the ones under the bridge too Smile and that's a great family shot!

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WHAT A GEORGEOUS FAMILY! I espically love the ones of you under the doc. You are truely beautiful!

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BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Very pretty!

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great shots and by the beach-even better!