Maternity Swimsuits...blah!

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Maternity Swimsuits...blah!

Matt and I are going on vacation in August. So I need a couple of swimsuits for our trip to the beach. His family is going as well. I went to shop for maternity swim wear and it was AWFUL! The suits are not really cute, even the ones at Motherhood and Target.

Plus I am depressed because now thanks to my D cups I have to wear a size LARGE. Are you kidding me!? I've only gained 3 pounds with this baby. Geeeez!

I finally bought a tankini(which I think looks ridiculas) at Motherhood. I won't be going to the beach wearing shorts, thats for sure. I'm totally fine wearing a regular bikini but A. my old ones don't fit now (thank you bbs) and B. I'm not sure his family wants to see me 7 months pregnant in a regular bikini.

UUUUGGGGHHHHH! I'm so irritated. Doesn't anyone make CUTE maternity swim wear that doesn't cost a fortune?!?!?!

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Haha, I totally empathize. If I were you and I were comfortable in a bikini in the first place, I would wear one on vacation. I remember reading once that Princess Diana wore a bikini on vacation while pregnant with Harry, and she was one classy lady.

My predicament is kind of similar, but different. I'm really tall and I have proportionately kind of short I basically have the torso of a 6'2'' person. I legitimately don't know how I'm going to cover my belly in the 3rd tri. I'm gearing up to start attending this awesome prenatal water aerobics class, but basically any swimsuit on my torso at this point is wedgie city.

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I have a hard time copying and pasting on my phone but fo a search for long tall Sally. They have a long torso maternity suit on clearance gor 32$ maybe not your dream style but it should be long enough to keep your long torso covered!! You could also search hot Tall girl - they specialize in long legs and long torsos too.

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"Freesia34" wrote:

I have a hard time copying and pasting on my phone but fo a search for long tall Sally. They have a long torso maternity suit on clearance gor 32$ maybe not your dream style but it should be long enough to keep your long torso covered!! You could also search hot Tall girl - they specialize in long legs and long torsos too.

Awesome tips, thank you! I'd never heard of *either* brand before Biggrin

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I'm tall too and I guess I was thinking about the 90 degree weather because the second store is Tall Girl and not HOT tall girl. That's just me right now Smile

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I have the problem with the girls. Mine are DD's normally, and because I refuse to go any bigger, they stay squished into DD's till baby arrives and then its the uni-boob sports bra!

Anyhow, my rant a few weeks ago was that there was NOTHING available with underwires. (I even went to the Big Girls' store and found they don't have any swimwear with underwires! huh?????) My tankini from target from last pregnancy fits-well the top does, the bottom is WAYYYY too big (I think my butt's smaller!!!) but the girls were dangling halfway to my belly button. So I got the idea to put a strapless bra on under it, and voila! It worked! My chest has NEVER looked that good in a swimsuit, and it actually looked really good. (Plus the bra cups add a little protection from poke through, KWIM?)

An option I had heard of would be to go to Lands End's website and find something you like from there and order it one or two sizes too big. Like a tunic style or longer style Tankini. They have many with underwire options for support. They also offer long options. My regular swim suit (and actually the bottom I am still wearing) is from Land's End.

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Oh geez you think you have problems with DD's, pity me with F's lol!

Plus since it is winter here, a lot of places don't stock swimming stuff and the maternity stuff which is available is super expensive!

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Check out Lime Ricki! They make cute modest swimsuits (since I'm not a bikini wearer, I love this store!) and they just came out with some maternity suits. They only have 3 right now, but I think they are cute!

I know it's kind of scary to buy online, but they are great about exchanges if you need to change sizes! I love all the suits I have bought from them. I don't have any of the maternity stuff, but they are sure to be a good quality as the regular ones! And not frumpy Biggrin

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I have never bought a maternity suit. I just get regular tankinis a little bit bigger than normal.

I like Lands End, I think they fit (non pregnant) really well. But for pregnancy, I usually get whatever brand/place has something cute and cheap, like Target, JCP wherever, because I know I won't be wearing it a lot, next pregnancy my taste might change.

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I got an old navy one with DS. It looked awful on me LOL. I remember they had better looking ones than other places but this was 3 yrs ago!

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i'm not going to buy any maternity swimsuits. i have a few lands end tankinis that should give me enough room until the end of the summer.

i skeeve pregnant bellies in bikinis. i don't know, i just don't like it. so you will not see me bearing my belly in one. i wore one in maui in may but i was 11 weeks and not showing.

check out lands end. their bathing suits are a little pricey but they last forever!!!!

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I actually bought what I thought was a cute maternity swimsuit at Target last weekend. I went to a different Target, though, the weekend before, and their stuff wasn't as cute. It is a little skirt bottom (thanks to these saddle bags which is where all my weight gain is apparently) and a cute tankini top that is much like a red bandana. I really like it! Hope you find something you like too!


Wish I could find a link to the bottoms, but they don't have them online!

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I went with a maternity tankini from Motherhood. It's far from perfect but it'll due for me. I'm a DD easily prego, D when not preg. And I'll look a little saggy but it's just DH and the bbs don't get any hotter from here on out in pregnancy.....once the baby arrives they'll swell and leak and I'll be icing them to help the engorgement, it's a really sexy time LOL So a little droopy in a tankini is no big deal Smile

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I got a really cute one from Old Navy (online). It's a tankini, which is all I wear when I'm not pregnant anyway because my body is not hot enough for a bikini lol! If you're still comfortable sporting a regular bikini (which I think looks super cute on girls that can pull it off!) I say go for it! Who cares what other people think? If you're comfotable, that's all that matters!

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Thanks for all the suggestions. I will check out Land's End. I'll probably just buy a regular bikini and rock the bump! I'll still take my tankini from Motherhood. I got it on sale for 20.00. I wore a bikini to my friend's pool a few weeks ago and felt fine about wearing it. It just doesn't fit now.

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i just bought a lands end swim suit! best part is they have FREE return shipping on exchanges so you can keep swapping till you get something you like, or order a bunch at once and send them back.

they don't have "maternity" suits, but almost all of their suits come in "longs" which accommodates a belly. granted i dont think it would work beyond the second trimester, but the suit i just got will definitely get me through the summer!

eta: pea in the pod has some cute ones... i guess they are typical swim suit price range for nicer suits!

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I ordered one from Land's End in February (before I got pg), and I wore it this past weekend at the beach when we were camping. Its a tankini, and has drawstrings at the side to make it tighter or bigger. I am normally a size 8, but ordered a size 10 for some reason (wasn't sure how it would fit), and DDD for the top (I know, sounds HUGE!), but my girls *just* fit in the top now... but the tankini I still have the drawstrings all the way tight, and the length is great, as I have a long torso as well. I paid $21 for the top and bottom, and I LOVE it! Smile