May I join you ?

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May I join you ?

My name is Magali, and I think I am about 7 or 8 weeks along... "I think"... long story I'll explain later Wink

I have a wonderful son named FLORIAN who is over 2 now... he is Spirited so he keeps me super busy ROFL

I promise myself to not write in this board until after Thursday but I just can't help it...

Here a little story on this PG.... (or I hope to be one)

I know for about 4 weeks with Positive test.... since I had issues due to my age (I am 41 :eek: YES 41) my OB wanted to see me right away to make sure all was OK in there.... when she looked all she could see was a bag and nothing to see in it.... she told "doesn't look good" I told her I ovulated late (day16 or 17) then she checked her chart then said well then it is normal if you are only 5 weeks along. She wanted to see me the next week I and said "no thanks" I wanted to wait and see a "real" thing... I told her if I have to loose it a U/S next week or in 3 weeks will make no difference....

so Thursday afternoon is the Big U/S !!! keeping my finger crossed....

PS: I was born and raised in France and we moved permanently to Alaska in 1993 so my English is "funny" !!!

I wish you all HH9M !!!!

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Welcome to our little community, I'm thrilled to have you! I wish you in return a HH9M and loads of luck on Thursday.

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Welcome! I hope you see a good strong heartbeat on the u/s!!!

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Welcome to November. Wish you luck on Thursday.

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Welcome! and good luck at your appointment.

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Welcome to November 2011!!!! Of course you are more then welcome to join us....the more the merrier Smile Good luck on Thurs - can't wait to hear about your appt!!

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hi and welcome!

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Wellome! Sending sticky bean vibes!

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thanks for the warm welcome
I'll KUP Thursday afternoon

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Hi Magali! Welcome to our board! I hope your appointment goes well Thursday!

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Congrats and KUP we'll be waiting for good news Thurs!!

You'll have to tell us how you went from France to Alaska! Smile

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"kmm123" wrote:

You'll have to tell us how you went from France to Alaska! Smile

I was waiting for the questions ROFL

I'll let you know this week end if Mother Nature allow me to stick around !!!! Wink

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Welcome and good luck!