May Just Get My Waterbirth... and Feeling Guilty

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May Just Get My Waterbirth... and Feeling Guilty

DH and I explored the idea of having a waterbirth at a birth center way back in May (second trimester). After touring a couple birth centers, I totally fell in love with this idea. It almost became an obsession until DH brought up the cost and what that would do to our finances in the long run. We decided to drop the dream and focus on an unmedicated birth at a hospital. Found a hospital that is totally supportive of natural birth (to the extent that a hospital can..) and started focusing on that plan.

Fast forward to last week. My doula calls and leaves me a message on my voicemail. Something like, "I have some exciting news to share with you! Give me a call as soon as you can." What could this news be? Hmmm...

Needless to say, I called her right away. She was so excited, she kept saying, "I don't know where to start!" I told her to take a breath and start from the beginning..LOL! She basically tells me that she works with a midwife who recently had a client that is a television producer. (stay with me,!) This producer was so impressed with the MW, she wants to do a documentary on her work. This producer works with the OWN network (Oprah's Network) and she wants to film a home birth in Nov. So, my doula immediately thought of me and told this midwife about my true desire for a waterbirth but couldn't afford it.

Now get this: The midwife has a significant other who is Deaf and she wants to learn/become fluent in sign langugae! So, my doula brought up the idea of bartering her MW services for my ASL services and the MW is all for it!

So my doula put me in touch with the MW and she is coming over to my home to meet DH and the boys on Friday! She woud provide the birth pool and I need to get the birth kit and a few other things. Basically, I will be switching to MW care and preparing for a birth at home! What an opportunity! And it will be filmed too? Wow...I'm blown away at how the Universe works!

So why do I feel guilty? Well, my OB doesn't have a clue yet. I saw him yesterday (baby is healthy...everything is on track) and didn't say a word. DH wants me to wait until we meet with the MW and have a definate agreement before I tell OB. But, after telling him back in second trimester that I was considering a water birth...then telling him we changed our minds, I'm afraid of pissing off my OB for changing my mind again! DH thinks it would be a good idea to just not say anything until after the birth, then "confess". I don't know if I want to do that...but I will wait untill our meeting with the MW.

Either way, I am thrilled to have this opportunity! This is a huge gift! Smile

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Wow, that's amazing how that all worked out!

I wouldn't see the conversation with the OB as a "confession" and I hope you won't feel so much guilt. I'd bring it up next time as just what it is -- a great and interesting opportunity that came up very unexpectedly -- and ask for the OBs opinion and recommendations.

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What an amazing turn of events! I'd jump on that if I were you. Don't feel guilty about telling your OB. This is your last baby and you should get to have the birth experience you want. Go for it!!! And let us know if we will get to watch you on tv!!!!!!

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Holy smokes, what an opportunity! :eek: And a nice turn of events!

If this gives you the chance to have the birth you've always wanted, then don't feel too guilty. Your OB may be shocked at such a late change but your wishes for your birth should trump any feelings he may have!

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Thanks, ladies! We're excited and I'm a bit nervous too! Can't wait to talk to the MW on Friday! Will keep you posted! Smile

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:lurker: DON'T FEEL GUILTY, this is an awesome opportunity. i just switched care for various reasons and felt guilty too but i know what i need for a comfortable birth and the place i was at just wasn't it for me. hope the meeting with the mw goes well!

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Sounds like it is destined, and that you're bold enough, so how could you turn it down? Hope the appt goes gr8 Friday!

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What a great and unique opportunity!
I would mention this to your OB as an "opportunity" and see what he says. But I would wait until you know more about the deal. You don't want to burn any bridges with him "just in case".
I think, if you were going to do this and be on TV, you should also be reimbursed, me thinks? I bet there are many things a mom of 5 boys could use. Wink

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I agree that it sounds like destiny! No need to feel guilty about switching care, this is your dream!

Please let us know how your Friday meeting goes! And you should come hang out at the birthing naturally board!

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I agree with everyone else!!! Keep us updated.

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Even though I already knew about this, I'm still so excited for you birth buddy!!!