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Are any of you able to squeeze in any me-time? How do you manage? How often do you get that time?

I've been pretty neglectful. I work...but I really don't think that counts. There is a "beauty bar" in downtown Portland near my new work that does a martini and a manicure for 10 bucks. I'm going next week!

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Ugh negative on the me time. I try to get 30-60 minutes on the treadmill multiple times a week - even if I have to wear Rory. But actually leaving the house totally alone.....I had dinner with friends one night otherwise not so much. Mostly I'm ok with it, DH and I are major homebodies but it would be nice to have a little me time or even some date time!

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I don't consider going to work "me time" as I hate my job and I hate working now that I have four kids... but I can't afford to be a SAHM so I'm kind of stuck. The only "me time" I have had was last Sunday I actually escaped and left the kids with DH to go and get a mani/pedi! It was so wonderful just to be pampered for an hour and not have anyone screaming at me or hanging off of my boob lol! I'm gonna try and do this every two weeks (at least the mani, as the pedi lasts quite a bit longer)... we'll see how that goes.

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Hmm. Well not really but I consider myself luckier than most! DH is fantastic & will let me lie in or suggest I pop out for some shopping etc. $10 for a mani & martini - woo hoo I'm in! Lol. I've been very much a homebody lately, but the weather is usually soggy out anyway. Seems I can't ever get anywhere before noon so I just don't try, lol. On a brave day I'll take DS out shopping and i usually wonder why I don't do it every day.

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Me time????? I think I have forgotten what that is like. The only time I have been away from Keira is when I volunteered for Dreamlift day and was gone for a total of 5 hours from her. He does let me do my own thing once or twice a week with out having to deal with keira or Kayrael, so thats nice. But to actually leave the house and do something That probably won't happen for a long while..

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With 6 kids this is a luxury I dont get.I dont even take a shower alone. I always have a kid with me. But Saturday we didnt have the 5 older kids so we left Landon with my cousin ( which was the first time he was left longer than to run to the store lol)We dropped him off at like noon and picked him up at 5 only to drop him off with my mom. We then went to dinner and to see The Vow. It was so nice. It was the first time DH and I have been totally alone since the baby was born. It wasnt fun going back to reality yesterday and picking my kids up and will be even less fun tonight when I pick all 4 of the older kids up from school.Welcome to monday LOL.

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Lol what is this 'me time' that you speak of???

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Oh yes I do, whether it's 30 mins of getting ready locked in my bathroom or just going shopping. My husband is capable of watching the kids for a little bit and I deserve it! This weekend I went and got my nails done and went shopping on separate occasions by myself. It felt so good!