Met with Urologist

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Met with Urologist

So I have my appt with Urologist and my NST done. First the NST - DD did great. They usually test for 1/2 hour but after 15 minutes she was so active and did so good that they took me off. THen I met with the Urologist. I wish I would have met with her when we first found out there was problems with my babies kidney. She was so nice and calm. First, with my history she told me that this will be a walk in the park for me. So basically she said 6 weeks after we have baby I will go to the hospital for the day. They have three different tests they will do on her to see how her kidney is functioning. She will not do it earlier as newborns kidneys don't function great right when they are born. She said majority of these problems resolve themselves and no surgery is needed. If at 6 weeks there are still problems we will do surgery and go from there. So once she is born I will need to keep a close watch on her temperature...if it starts to go up we go in for urine tests. If she get an UTI then I need to see her sooner. She made me feel so much better then the peri did abotu this. So I will just send some prayers that it resolves on its own.

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That is great to hear! Yay for great doctors Smile

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Sounds like you have a good Doctor in your corner! Glad the conversation went so well!

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Reat news!! One more thing to be thankful for this weekend!!

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YAY for good news and less stress and extra yay for a good NST!

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Fantastic news Melanie!!! I have faith that your DD will be fine!

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Great news Melanie, I'm so glad this doctor has a plan and is so reassuring. WTG baby on beating that NST early too Smile

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Wonderful news!! Awsome NST! Sounds like your baby girl is in good hands Smile

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I'm so happy that you had a positive appt!! Hopefully everything will work itself out after baby arrives!

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That is such great news! Sending up prayers that this will resolve by itself!