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MIA for abit

Hey ladies. Sorry I have not been around much. With leaving every weeked to the lake my weeks are so busy with unpacking, packing and don't forget my appts. Last week we were gone for 5 days, came back Tues and are now leaving again after my OB appt this morning. I am gone until Mon afternoon. As soon as I get back DH and I are heading to our u/s appt with the peri and Internal Medicine Specialist - I love that they did appts right after one another!!! So I will do my best to update you all that night. This weekend is our family reunion..I am so excited. Then next weekend we are closing up the trailor and are done camping..I am ready for that. It is pretty exhausting to camp every weekend...but I love it. If someone wants to do the Mon check in again that would be great!! Have a great weekend ladies!

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You have been busy! Have a great time at the family reunion!!!

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Being busy just makes the time fly by till you get to meet your LO!

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You've been missed around here, Melanie!

enjoy the reunion!

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Well welcome back lol! It's better to keep busy anyway, it makes the pregnancy go by faster!