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Middle Name Help

So we have pretty much decided to name our little girl Sunniva, but we are undecided on the middle name. I guess DH and I are both very picky. Smile So far we have only been able to come up with two middle names we both like, so the choices would be:

Sunniva Anne
Sunniva Maura

We wanted Anne for a middle name since that is the middle name of my mom and DH's mom, but I feel like it does not really go with Sunniva. Do you think it sounds wrong to have the first name end with A and the middle name start with A?

Any other middle name suggestions are welcome, although I admit we are super picky and we probably dislike about 99% of names, lol. I don't like any names that are too popular & DH prefers "Catholic" sounding names, whatever that means!

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I think Sunniva Anne sounds fine.

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I like Anne as a middle name, but I'm biased Wink

and it sounds absolutely fine!

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I like Anne too...I don't think there is anything wrong with the first name ending in A and the second starting in A

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I think Sunniva Anne flows really well! Each "a" makes a different sound too.

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I was looking up "Sunniva" to see how it is pronounced (I didn't find a definite answer...is it SUNN-ih-vah, or Soo-NEE-Vah, or another way?)..

A came across a website of a photographer named "Sunniva Helene" -- That's MY middle name! (Feel free to use it -- it's pronounced Hell-EENE). Vintage-y name that has been in my family for many generations, but DH hates it, so our firstborn daughter will not be carrying the middle name.

Some off-beat but beautiful combinations I thought of:

Sunniva Elaine
Sunniva Adele
Sunniva Avery
Sunniva Jane
Sunniva June
Sunniva Madison
Sunniva Emily
Sunniva Elizabeth

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Anne and Maura are great, too, don't get me wrong! Smile

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Sunniva Alice, I like a lot too, because the emphasis on the middle name is at the end VS the beginning like Anne

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I like Sunniva Anne best too - it flows nicely! I think 1 syllable middle names sound good with 3 syllable first names.

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I also like Anne. I agree with Sandra that there is a nice flow due to the 3/1 syllables. And family names are the best!

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Oh, yeah, I guess I should have said how it's pronounced. I think there are different ways to pronounce it, but we would pronounce it "sunn-EE-va."

Jen, actually Jane was one of my favorite names but DH nixed it. Grrrrr.

Thanks for the opinions everyone...I guess I will just think about it some more & maybe Sunniva Anne will grow on me. That's the one DH likes best too. Smile

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I like either Anne or Maura. I could go either way. I am trying to decide which sounds more Catholic. I like Jane, but doesn't sound Catholic at all, so I assume that is why your husband said no.

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I think something that has two syllables (like Renee) would sound good with that name! I'm too picky with names, like you are, so I won't bother giving you suggestions lol! But there are some name websites that you can type in the letter that you want the middle name to start with and how many syllables you want and it will spit out your results! Good luck!

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keeping with irish names, what about sunniva alwyn? (ahl-win)

dh's cousin (who lives in ireland) is named alwyn and i LOVE that name. in fact, if we had a girl i was going to push for alwyn. thing is, dh is anti any irish name. ANNOYING!! considering both of us are irish and still have family there!

anyway, just a thought Smile it's the end in an A begin with an A thing but i think it sounds pretty Wink

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I don't think there's anything wrong with Sunniva Anne either.... must be the different A sounds as Melanie mentioned.