More troubling news

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More troubling news

Boy, I feel like I am the real downer on this board.

Anyway, I got some more bad news this morning, my 2nd trimester blood test came back high risk for Down syndrome. The good news though, is that I get to have a level 2 u/s on Tuesday instead of having to wait till my regular u/s on Friday. I feel kind of vindicated too, like they are finally believing me that something is not right.

So I am planning to have an amnio on Tuesday as well, and that way I hope there will be some explanation of what is going on. If there is some kind of genetic problem, or just the problem with the placenta that we were expecting, at least we will have some kind of answer, so I feel a bit relieved about that.

Anyway, I hope I am not just depressing everybody here! It does help to have a place to talk about this & I really thank everybody for their support.

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ugh, justine, i'm so sorry. what crummy news. however, and i'm sure your doctor told you, there are SO many false positives with those tests! try try try not to worry until you can have some more testing done. :bigarmhug:

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Im sorry your still not getting any good news,but I am very glad that they are getting some tests to try to get answers.Keeps us posted.

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So sorry about your blood test results. Sending prayers that everything will turn out fine. Smile

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I'm so sorry Justine. Don't worry about being a downer... this is what we're here for! And don't worry too much about the U/S... more times than not these tests come up positive for something and it turns out to be absolutely nothing! If you don't mind me asking, how old are you? I'll keep you in my prayers... please KUP!

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90% are false positives! Keep your chin up! T&Ps.

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Prayers coming from me too! Please post as often as you want about whatever you want. That is what we are here for...for all the good and joys of pregnancy and all the problems that come with it. I hope you get some answers so you at least know what is going on. Please, please keep us updated.

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I'm 38 so at my age there is an increased risk of problems. I know that most people my age deliver healthy babies though so I am trying to remember that. I also had a false positive on the blood test with my first pregnancy and everything turned out fine, so it could be that there is just something in my chemical makeup that makes that blood test turn out high risk.

Anyway, I am just happy I will not have much longer to wait & find out some results.

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I forgot to say that I also had a false positive with DD, and I was only 25 when that happened! I was so freaked out and for no reason at all, as everything turned out fine... you just remember to keep your chin up Miss lady!

Totally off the subject, too, but I was just noticing how cool your baby names are... and that your first son's b-day is only 4 days away from my DD (she's 12/11) and your second son has the exact same b-day as my DS#1! Thought that was pretty cool...

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I hope you get good results! But if you don't, remember it takes a special mom to have a special baby and everything will be ok.

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A couple of us have been through the Down's tests and it is extremely stressful. All kinds of what Ida fly through your mind. What helped me while I was waiting for the results was old fashioned procrastination. I didn't banalise what was going on, but I kept putting off thinking about it. It saved my sanity to tell myself that I was too emotional to think things through and that when I had a clearer mind I would seriously contemplate and discuss the situation. I instead concentrated on things I could change (like hiring a contractor, drawing plans for our basement, searching for the perfect bedding for Mélodie's née room) it was easier to fill my head with other things. I never got to really think it through because the results came first. I don't know if this is a healthy way of dealing with it, but it really helped me.

Lots of virtual hugs, positive thoughts, empathy and love will be headed your way for as long as you need them.

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Thinking positive thoughts for you.

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Glad you got u/w bumped up sooner, getting the attention deserved and are closer to getting some answers. Try not to worry about the initial tests, there is so great a chance of errors.

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Good news will come! We all have rough patches. :bigarmhug: We are here for each other.

Krystal that is pretty random! I had 4 people from my first bb also due for my second bb, I was really hoping that at least one would be here in 11/11, but so far none of them. 3 is pretty rare!

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I also had a postive blood test for downs...but then had the cvs testing and baby does not have downs. I was so freaked out for no reason and after reading a bazillion threads on the blood test it seems that 95 percent were false positives. Wishing you the best!

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Sorry to hear. I know how you feel, when I was pregnant with DS I received positives on all kinds of genetic tests. It was very emotional! However as with so many others all these tests were false positive and my little man was 100% healthy! I have at least 10 friends who had false positives, in fact I don't know anyone who actually had a true genetic problem the doctors though they would have. Not to make light of your situation, because when I was going through that it was so upsetting, no matter what anyone said. ((hugs))

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Oh Justine, I am sending positive thoughts your way!
Its got to be extremely stressful on you and your family, I can't imagine. We choose not to have any of that testing done...just because my husband's brother and sister in law had false positives with their first pregnancy-told they had a 2% chance of their child being "normal" (i put that in quotes!). They freaked out from 12 weeks onward, had lots of marital discord, and lots of emotional times only to find out that their son was healthy in the end. (She opted to not have the amnio.)

I hope that your child is healthy. Even if the baby does have Down's Syndrome, there's lots of support networks out there, and I am sure that some of us on this board can offer suggestions of where to get help for your child. *hugs*

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Big hugs to you Mama. I hope all is well with the baby despite the tests indicating risks!