This morning...

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This morning...

I did my 2 hour glucose test. Blah. I am so glad they don't do 3 hour ones here!

They took my initial blood sample, I drank the nasty drink, and waited my first hour. By the time they were ready for my next blood sample, I was SOOOOOO dizzy! That glucose did NOT agree with me!

I had to lie down for that blood draw or I think I would have passed out (and I have passed out before while giving blood...not fun! Blood everywhere!) They tried to do the 2nd blood draw from my other arm, but my veins are so small and my 2nd arm wouldn't cooperate so they had to do it in the same arm as the first draw. Sad Ouch.

Then I waited my 2nd hour and finally started to feel less dizzy. I was able to sit up for my 3rd blood draw (from the same arm again!) and finally got out of there!

Phew. Glad it's over. I'm sure they will call me by Monday if it's bad news, and if it's good news, I won't hear from them! Fingers crossed they don't call! It was a nasty morning, glad it's over! My poor arm is so bruised!

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So sorry you had to experience this! Did they use a butterfly needle on you at least? (I'm a former phlebotomist...)

I hope everything turns out well with the test! I'm not looking forward to taking mine in a few weeks...

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YUCK :puke2:

KUP on the results. I hope you get good ones.

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Sorry you had to go through all of that nonsense! I had to do the three hour one with DD and it sucked, and of course everything was just fine (like I knew it would be!!). Sending hugs your way, hope everything turns out great!

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Ugh, sorry you had a yuck time of it. I look forward to my torture session next week (not) Sad

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sorry the test was icky :puke2:

but I'm happy its over for you - let us know how it goes! *cheering for Sandra*

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Oh yuck, sounds miserable. Sad I hope the results are good!

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Is it that orange drink that tastes like McDOnalds orange pop? I did not find it to bad. But I too got really dizzy with it and had to lay down. Those two hours tests suck! I hope you get good news!!

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Any news?

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No news yet, but yesterday was a holiday, so nothing was open. Maybe today? Or maybe not at all Biggrin