Most annoying pregnancy symptom? (XP)

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Most annoying pregnancy symptom? (XP)

Ugh, so last night, after laying down for bed, within a 30 minute time span I had to get up 3 x to pee (and it wasn't like drops, it was like I hadn't gone in hours), and then 3x again throughout the night, and then 2x this morning before I took DS to the sitters. This is by far my top and most annoying pregnancy symptom.

What's yours?

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I also posted in December, but my back is killing me! It's the lower left hand side and won't go away!!

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Irritability and a lack of patience!

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Can I have more than one LOL???

-peeing all the time, esp at night
-round ligament pain

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being tired b/c of insomnia
peeing when sneezing TMI

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I've already acquired a few stretch marks. eeek!

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The random nerve pain!

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Dribling..and not just when I sneeze...all the time.

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Pee'ing definitely. And I pee when I sneeze sometimes too. I have to pee all. the. time. ACK! And round ligament pain has been really getting to me lately

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1. Peeing ALL night! I think it annoys Matt as much as it annoys me. Haha

2. Sciatic Nerve Pain. My sweet baby boy loves to curl up in a spot that shoots pain down my left leg. I have to get on all fours (on my bed) to make him move.

3. Leg cramps at night. I detest this. I woke up last night in tears because it hurt so bad. I'm increasing my calcium intake and it does help a lot but sometimes...OUCH

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The peeing! Always have to go to the bathroom.I am worried about the 4th of July festivities this weekend since we are not around a bathroom alot lol.