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Moving less

Any other babies not moving as much. My LO moves 24 hours a day...until 2 days ago. Of course the day after I see docs and have my NST done..that she passed. I started doing kick counts and she passes those but it is just so weird to not have her moving all the time. I am trying not to worry about it but cant help it. I do know that things change as they get bigger so hoping that she is just running out of room. Is anyone else experiencing this

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My lo's movements have changed. He sleeps more than he use to but when he does kick they are good, strong kicks that sometimes hurt! My us tech said that he was 'packed in' so I know he doesn't have as much space now. So you aren't alone! And great news on your lo passing her NST! I can't wait to see pics of her. I hope she looks like you since Jacob looks just like hubby! It is only fair. Wink

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It`s murphys law isn't it, questionable stuff only happens after you've visited the Doc. However, it can work both ways. The other day I posted I was feeling less braxton hicks, and as soon as I'd said it they resumed hitting me all the time. I think I'm feeling slightly less movement during the day, though I do wake up more in the night with baby squirming about - maybe it's just more noticeable when I'm resting? They probably do have so much less room to kick and punch that by now it's more down to stretches and smaller movements. This one spun around (still head downwards but did a 180) at some point in the night a couple days ago which I find so weird as he's been sitting in the same position for SO long. It's just a bit weird for me to feel feet on the other side, kwim? It's generally party-time between 8 - 9pm & sometimes I feel movements for about an hour, but if that stopped I wouldn't start worrying until after the 2nd day. Bet that means he'll be active at that hour after he's born :). Right now they're finishing up and gaining weight (as evidenced by my increased appetite again) so probably that would make them also sleep more I would think? I know I sure needed a nap today Biggrin

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I noticed this too in the last couple of days. I also notice that my belly looks more twinkie shaped than round and see what looks like the first ever stretch marks on the side of my belly just today.
My belly feels hard as a melon, so I think he has kess room to move now.
I can still notice movement if I eat or sit in certain chairs etc, so I am not too worried.

I also am noticing less cramps and contractions, makes me think I have a ways yet.

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You've got to remember that your LO hardly has any room to move around in there anymore! As long as you're passing your kick counts everything is OK!

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lurker from dec...

my last pregnancy... which wasnt that long ago lol, I remember this exact same thing. It seemed like once I hit 38 weeks I didn't feel any movement compared to all the activity I was used to feeling.

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I'm glad we have this thread, it makes me feel much better!

My LO is really quiet - like Melanie, he always passes the counts but his activeness just isn't what it used to be!

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Thanks everyone!

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Same here. Alot of his movements are painful too!!!

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My lo has slowed down quite a bit as well. He moves less, but still moves strong. My doctor said this is normal--he's growing rapidly at this point is is actually pretty out of space.

Don't worry. I'm sure your lo is fine!