My 31 week Ultrasound :)

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My 31 week Ultrasound :)

My OB recommended we have another peek at baby this week to see how big he is. Unfortunately DH couldn't come with me, but it was nice to have another look at Mr. In-The-Belly!

Everything looks great Biggrin Here's what's up:

- Baby is currently measuring 32 weeks, so only 1 week ahead. Nothing to worry about!
- He is approx 4 lbs right now
- My fluid levels are "on the generous side of normal". The extra fluid could be a contributing factor to my fundal height measuring 4 weeks ahead.
- He is still a BOY! Smile Definitely.
- Baby is head down!!! My OB thought he was breech at my last appt (and he certainly could have been) but as of today he was head down, facing my left hip, spine curving up on the right side of my belly, bum up top, and legs and arms all tangled on my left side.

The tech tried to get me a nice 3D shot of his face, but my chubby monkey was content to have his darn foot in front of his face the whole time! She had me flipping from side to side, and she poked and prodded baby with the wand a whole bunch but he just wouldn't get his leg out of his face :rolleyes: We finally managed to get 1 decent picture. He looks like his big brother Smile and will probably be a big boy too!

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Yay! thanks for sharing. Glad he's doing well and isn't TOO big. Also, adorable pic - what a cute little sleepy face!

Also, sounds like we're twins. Midwife says that one of the reasons my fundal height was SO far ahead for so long was because I had high-normal amounts of fluid. Random!

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My goodness, he looks so much like Eli!! What a cute pic... and neat you got to see a 3D pic of him!
I hardly got to see anything on my u/s Monday, lucky you!... glad to hear everything is going well, Sandra!

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Great little pic...he looks adorable!! Glad the appt went well

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Awwe , he is so cute! I am glad that he isn't way ahead on his growth, just swimming around in some extra fluid!

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Aww, so glad you finally got a decent shot of his little face! I'm really hoping that I get another U/S before baby comes, but I can't remember if my OB office does one after the anatomy scan if you don't need one?

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He looks like a cutie!! Smile Do you think you will go overdue this time??

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What a cutie pie!! So glad everything is going well with baby!

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Yay! good news Smile love the pic Smile

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He has such a sweet little face!