My 6 week PP check-up (xp)

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My 6 week PP check-up (xp)

Hey girls! Tuesday I went in for my 6 week postpartum check-up... and all is well! I had DD and Trystan with me of course (thankfully the other two were in school!) and all of the nurses were just gushing over T! The doc asked me if I was finally done having babies, and I sadly said yes. It's still saddens me that I won't be having any more babies, but oh well. I told her that DH is planning on getting the snip, but until then we need to be safe, so she put me on the mini pill, which is basically regular BC but it's made for women who are exclusively BF (for thos of you that don't know lol!). It will take a month to kick in, but we've been DTD for three weeks now anyway and just using the "pull out" method! Anyway, she checked me and said everything looked great. I've lost 20lbs since birth (I'm sure it was more, but I was super bad over the holidays!). I had started the atkins diet on the 1st, but then stopped because I kept reading that the induction phase (where you can't have more than 20 carbs a day) was bad to be on when you're BF. I still have a lot of weight I want to lose and now I'm not sure how to. Any suggestions that won't affect my BM?

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Nice work on the weight loss! I'm kinda glad the holidays were so close to L's birth, because the eating was fun Smile

I asked yesterday about weight loss while breastfeeding. I was advised to lower grain intake, but still eat plenty of veggies with my protein, which allows for the carb intake to be reduced but not eliminated. HTH!