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My appt

Got canceled... Again. I guess the only thing that would have happened was shed tell me I'm still at three and maybe fully effaced. It doesn't really matter, I know she's about to fall out!

I might just be next. I have ten days maximum to go! The top floor of my house is in order and the main floor only needs a few hours.

Tonight is my shower and last hourrah! Baby can come whenever, it's sll good with me!!

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How come it keeps getting cancelled? I am glad you are ready for baby to come. Have fun at your shower and be sure to post pics.

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Wow between you, Melanie, Christina, and me there will be 4 babies here in the next 2 weeks!

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"Jenni Beth" wrote:

Wow between you, Melanie, Christina, and me there will be 4 babies here in the next 2 weeks!

OH MY!!! Yay!!! Squishy newborns!!!

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It's hard to beleive but a baby boom is coming! The appointments keep getting canceled because she's delivering babies. I've been having regular contractions for three days now so the end might be coming soon or I could hold off. Who knows?

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enjoy your shower!!

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"annestacy" wrote:

OH MY!!! Yay!!! Squishy newborns!!!


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I like the term squishy newborns! People in these parts tend to call them "juicy," which kind of grosses me out for some strange reason.

Carrie, how was the shower? Congrats on being in a single-digit count down to your sweet little girl!

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Yes yes tell us how was the shower? Sorry you keep getting your appointments messed with. It's great you're nearly done organizing the whole house!

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It was fun and so different! We went for dinner and just gabbed! There were twelve of us all having a good time! Instead of gifts they got together and gave me a $250 babies are us gift card, which is enough for the gliderbi want! So nice as a BTDT mom not to get sleepers and things I already have in abundance! After we went dancing but unlike last time when I danced for three hours, I'm not in labour today!

Made me miss my Mom because I know she would have liked to celebrate with me. It's hard having my family so far away, but how amazing to be surrounded with great company and great loving friends. The whole night was like a warm hug for the baby and I!

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Have fun at your shower... and post some pics when you can!